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12/12 Renesas Electronics Renesas Electronics Announces Worlds Smallest Photocouplers for Industrial Automation and Solar Inverter Applications
12/12 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology IHDF Edge-Wound Inductor With Low 15.4 mm Max. Profile Delivers Saturation Current to 230 A
12/12 Diodes Incorporated Enhanced Sounder Driver from Diodes Incorporated Enables Audio UI in Smaller Smart Sensors and Wearables
12/12 NJR / JRC NJR Begins Mass Production of System Reset ICs NJU2103A/NJU2103B and System Reset IC NJU2102A with Built-in Watch Dog Timer
12/11 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Common-Drain Dual N-Channel 60 V MOSFET Increases Power Density and Efficiency
12/10 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Launches General-Purpose System Power IC with Multiple Outputs for Automotive Functional Safety
12/10 TDK EMC components: High current noise suppression filters for speakers
12/10 STMicroelectronics Tieto and STMicroelectronics Accelerate Development of Automotive Central Control Units for Safer and More Secure Vehicles
12/10 Microchip Technology Microchip Unveils Family Details and Opens Early Access Program for RISC-V Enabled Low-Power PolarFire SoC FPGA Family
12/10 Littelfuse Littelfuse Launches 1500 Volt Solar Fuses Rated 25 to 32 Amperage
12/10 Fujitsu Semiconductor Fujitsu releases high-capacity power relay with long contact life
12/09 STMicroelectronics Fully Integrated Power-Management IC from STMicroelectronics Saves Board Space, Bill of Materials, and Power Consumption
12/09 Omnivision OmniVision Unveils Industrys First 8.3 Megapixel Automotive Image Sensors With LED Flicker Mitigation and 140 dB High Dynamic Range
12/09 NVE NVE Launches AHK991 High-Field TMR Magnetic Switch
12/09 Mean Well Enterprises LCM-25KN KNX Multiple-Stage Constant Current Mode LED Driver
12/05 Renesas Electronics Renesas Electronics Introduces Low-Power RL78 Prototyping Board to Simplify IoT Endpoint Equipment Prototyping
12/05 IDT IDT Announces Industrys First Power Management IC for Client DDR5 Memory Modules
12/05 Murata Manufacturing Murata Develops the Worlds First Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
12/04 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Commercial Inductors Offer High Operating Temperatures to +155 °C in Compact 1212 Case Size
12/04 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics Launches Affordable and Easy-to-Use STM8 Nucleo-32 Boards
12/04 Renesas Electronics Renesas Electronics Delivers Enhanced Security and Privacy for Bluetooth® 5 Connections With 32-Bit RX23W Microcontroller
12/04 Abracon Abracon Announces New 15-20W Wireless Charging Coils
12/03 Semtech Semtech Announces Production Shipments of Industrys Most Comprehensive 5G Wireless Front Haul Portfolio
12/03 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshibas New Three-Phase Brushless Motor Control Pre-Driver IC Features Sensorless Control and Closed Loop Speed Control
12/03 Murata Power Solutions 120W eighth brick DC-DC converters for railway and industrial
12/03 TE Connectivity New Product: TE Connectivity P-Clamp
12/03 Diodes Incorporated Enhanced Sounder Driver from Diodes Incorporated Enables Audio UI in Smaller Smart Sensors and Wearables
12/02 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology 2 A to 12 A Synchronous Buck Regulators in Compact 5x5 PowerPAK® Package Offer Peak Efficiencies of 98 %
12/02 Microchip Technology Reduce Memory Costs and Retain Data at Power Loss with Microchips EERAM Memory Solutions
11/28 AKM Semiconductor AKM releases analog front-end IC for linear image sensors that support automated optical inspection
11/27 Infineon Technologies New 50 and 60 mm modules for Drives and UPS applications, Prime Block designed for highest performance
11/26 Diodes Incorporated USB BC 1.2 Compliant Battery Charging Detector from Diodes Incorporated Supports Dual Roles to Simplify Host and Client Design
11/26 STMicroelectronics New STM32WB Wireless Microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics Delivered in a New Affordable Value Line
11/26 Semtech Semtechs Latest Addition to the TClamp® Platform Provides Elevated Immunity against ESD, Surge and Other Overvoltage Threats for Industrial Applications
11/26 Infineon Technologies Infineon enhances user experience for contactless payments – new 40nm SLC3x security platform delivers excellent performance and flexibility
11/25 AVX AVX Releases New High-Temperature, Glass-Encapsulated Multilayer Varistors Rated for 150°C Operation
11/25 Murata Manufacturing The worlds first common mode choke coil for Automotive Ethernet that can withstand temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius
11/21 STMicroelectronics Industrys First 4Mbit EEPROM Memory Chips from STMicroelectronics Let Small Devices Handle Bigger User Data
11/21 Renesas Electronics Renesas R-IN32M4-CL3 IC Boosts Next-Generation Ethernet TSN, Linking IT and OT Seamlessly With CC-Link IE TSN
11/21 Mean Well Enterprises GEM06I Series 6W Medical Grade AC Plug-interchangeable Adaptor (Level V)
11/21 TE Connectivity New Product: zSFP+ Stacked Belly-to-Belly Connectors
11/21 IDT IDT Launches Energy Efficient and Highly Precise 18-Bit Sensor Signal Conditioner for Capacitive Sensor Applications
11/21 Bourns Inc. Bourns Announces Flyback Power Transformer Offering Enhanced DC/DC Power Conversion Efficiency in Isolated Mode
11/20 Vishay New Vishay Intertechnology High Speed IR Emitters Deliver 30 % Higher Brightness, Eliminate Unwanted Side Emissions
11/20 TT Electronics TT Electronics Lead-Free Arrays Address Environmental Compliance Ahead of Future RoHS Exemption
11/20 ROHM Semiconductor New 200V Ultra-low IR Schottky Barrier Diodes
11/20 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Releases its First eFuse, an Electronic Fuse that can be Repeatedly Used
11/20 Omnivision OmniVision Announces Compact Medical Camera Module With Industrys Fastest Frame Rate at the Highest 640k Resolution
11/20 Maxim Integrated Maxim Unveils Cuffless Blood-Pressure Measurement Solution Meeting Class-II Regulatory Accuracy Limits
11/20 ams Horizon2020-supported Highly Integrated Optical Sensors project successfully completed
11/20 AKM Semiconductor AKM releases high accuracy coreless current sensor supporting 3V output in 5V system
11/20 Renesas Electronics Renesas Electronics Introduces Industrys First ASi-5 ASSP for Industrial Automation
11/19 TDK RF components: Worlds first multilayer band-pass filter for millimeter wave bands in 5G networks
11/19 Allegro Allegro MicroSystems Launches First Magnetic Gear Tooth Sensor IC Designed for Traction Motors
11/18 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology AC and Pulse Film Capacitors Ensure Compliance With AEC-Q200 Rev. D, Withstand THB Testing
11/18 STMicroelectronics Temperature Sensor Accurate to 0.25°C, from STMicroelectronics, Delivers Flexible Power Savings for Mobile Monitoring
11/18 IDT IDT Gas Sensor Gives JAEWONCNCs In-Car Air Purifier a Sense of Smell
11/15 Abracon Abracon Announces 10ppb Stability OCXOs for Precision Holdover Applications
11/14 TDK Protection devices: Compact, high-performance disk varistors
11/14 Semtech Semtech Launches Next Generation BlueRiver® AV Processor Chipset Series for SDVoE™ Applications
11/14 Qorvo Qorvo® Unveils Groundbreaking Integration and Performance with Motor Control and Drive SoC for Brushless DC Power Tools
11/14 Infineon Technologies Ready-to use and versatile: Infineons Secora™ ID accelerates eID project execution
11/14 IDT IDT Expands RapidWave Portfolio for Customer Premise Equipment in Emerging Fixed Wireless Access Market
11/14 Epson Epson Announces Availability for New BrightLink Interactive Ultra Short-Throw Laser Displays
11/14 Allegro Low EMI DC/DC Regulator Helps Engineers Meet Ever-Tightening OEM Standards
11/13 Eaton Save Space, Save Time, Stay Safe with the New MTL Compact Fieldbus Barrier from Eaton
11/13 Diodes Incorporated Automotive-Compliant Level Shifters from Diodes Incorporated Provide High-Speed, Flexible, and Easy-to-Use Logic Translation
11/13 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Introduces New Commercial Inductors in Compact 1212 Case Size
11/13 Microchip Technology Microchip Smart Storage Adapters Now Interoperate Seamlessly with MegaRAC®SP-X Management Firmware from AMI for At-Scale Secure Storage Management
11/12 Omnivision OmniVision Expands Machine Vision Global Shutter Image Sensor Family With New Lightguide-Integrated Sensor for Improved Optical Performance and Shutter Efficiency
11/12 Analog Devices (ADI) Analog Devices Unveils Robust, Low-Latency PHY Technology for New ADI Chronous™ Portfolio of Industrial Ethernet Solutions
11/12 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics Adds Wireless Support to Proven Smart-Meter Chipset for More Flexible, Scalable Smart Infrastructures
11/12 Allegro Allegros New Green BLDC Fan Driver Lowers Data Center Energy Use and Improves Safety
11/12 Epson Epson Introduces ARM® Based Microcontroller for Speech Synthesis and Audio Playback
11/12 Avago / Broadcom Broadcom Introduces Industrys First Enterprise-Grade Support for Eclipse Che4z and VS Code4z
11/12 NXP Semiconductors NXP Announces New Automotive Ultra-Wideband Chip Capable of Turning Smartphones into Car Keys
11/12 Murata Power Solutions Compact, cost efficient DC panel meters ease interface challenges
11/12 Micron Micron Eliminates Need for Network Video Recorders With Launch of Worlds First 1TB Industrial-Grade microSD Card for Cloud-Managed Video Surveillance
11/12 Kyocera Industrial Ceramics KYOCERAs New Temperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillator Offers Industrys Lowest Phase Noise for 5G, Wi-Fi
11/12 AKM Semiconductor AKM develops single 32V power supply motor drivers
11/08 Abracon The Future of Ethernet in Industrial Automation
11/07 Diodes Incorporated High-Side Load Switch from Diodes Incorporated with Slew-Rate Control and True Reverse Current Blocking Improves Reliability
11/07 TDK Film capacitors: Robust power capacitors for the DC link
11/07 Schaffner The Schaffner Group introduces extensions for 50 Hz ecosine evo series of passive harmonic filters
11/07 Mini-Circuits Mini-Circuits and Vayyar Offer Development Kits for 4D Millimeter Wave Imaging
11/07 Allegro New Surface-Mount Fully Integrated Current Sensors Offer Easy Handling and Layout for High Current Density Applications
11/06 Eaton Eaton Unveils Revolutionary Smart Universal Marshalling Solution, Delivering Lowest Lifetime Costs and Increasing Process Uptime
11/06 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics Adds Support for LoRaWAN® Firmware Update Over The Air in the STM32Cube Ecosystem
11/06 Semtech Semtechs LoRa® Devices Enable AMI Metering Applications for Smarter Utility Management
11/06 Infineon Technologies New technology for mature applications: CoolSiC™ MOSFET evaluation board for motor drives up to 7.5 kW
11/05 Diodes Incorporated PCIe Packet Switches from Diodes Incorporated Meet Automotive Demands for Advanced Features
11/05 Murata Power Solutions 600W eighth brick DC-DC converter for networking and telecom applications
11/05 STMicroelectronics Complete USB Type-C Port-Protection IC from STMicroelectronics Simplifies Connectivity Upgrade for Mass-Market Devices
11/05 Seoul Semiconductor Seoul Semiconductors SunLike Series Natural Spectrum LEDs Adopted by Lighting Brand REMEZ for LED Light Bulbs of Human-Centric Lighting Design
11/05 Eaton Eaton introduces QuietTec ring and pinion gear sets for performance vehicles
11/05 Texas Instruments (TI) No more yelling at smart speakers: New TI Burr-Brown™ audio ADC enables far-field voice capture at four times the distance
11/04 Schaffner FN 2580 power line filter family for lighting equipment. A compact, application-specific, line filter for lighting applications (up to 350 VAC)
11/04 Eaton Eaton announces new Synflex Optimum thermoplastic hydraulic hoses and fittings designed to work together, enabling safe and effective fluid conveyance
11/01 Maxim Integrated New Products in Essential Analog Portfolio by Maxim Shatter Industry Benchmarks in Power, Solution Size and Accuracy
11/01 Johanson Technology Johanson Releases First 5G Filter Family
11/01 Johanson Technology Johanson Releases multi-constellation mini hybrid coupler
10/31 Renesas Electronics Renesas Premieres RE Family For Its SOTB™ Process-Based Energy Harvesting Embedded Controller Portfolio
10/31 Maxim Integrated Maxim Provides Industry’s First and Only Automotive-Grade Secure Authenticator to Enhance Vehicle Safety
10/31 Diodes Incorporated Automotive-Compliant Level Shifters from Diodes Incorporated Provide High-Speed, Flexible, and Easy-to-Use Logic Translation
10/30 Winbond Winbond moves into HyperRAM® market to address new AIoT application needs
10/30 Semtech Semtechs LoRa® Devices Connect Radio Bridges Next Generation Industrial Sensors
10/30 Diodes Incorporated 40V, 2.2MHz Synchronous Buck Converters from Diodes Incorporated Deliver High Efficiency across All Loads
10/30 AKM Semiconductor AKM releases 1.4 to 9V motor driver AK1019BEC
10/30 Abracon Abracon Announces Antennas Supporting 4G/LTE and 2G/3G/GSM for M2M
10/29 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshibas New Three-Phase Brushless Motor Control Pre-Driver IC Features Intelligent Phase Control and Closed Loop Speed Control
10/29 TDK Actuators: PiezoListen™: Expanded lineup of ultra-thin piezo speakers with a wider dynamic range
10/29 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics and Audi AG Cooperate to Develop and Deliver Next-Generation Automotive Exterior Lighting Solutions
10/29 ROHM Semiconductor The Industrys First Ultra-High Noise Tolerant Comparators
10/29 Molex BittWare and Achronix Announce Strategic Collaboration and Introduction of Enterprise-class PCIe Accelerator Product Featuring 7nm Speedster7t FPGA
10/29 Lumileds Lumileds Boosts Intensity of CoBs for Spotlights and Downlights
10/29 Infineon Technologies Infineon expands its CoolGaN™ portfolio with two industrial-grade devices: the CoolGaN 400 V and the CoolGaN 600 V
10/28 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics Updates TouchGFX Suite to Elevate User Interfaces and Reduce Memory and CPU Needs in STM32 Microcontrollers
10/28 Renesas Electronics Renesas Electronics to Accelerate Intelligent and Secure IoT Device Development with Microsoft Azure RTOS and a Range of Other Azure IoT Building Blocks
10/28 NXP Semiconductors Volkswagen and NXP Deliver Safety to European Roads with Worlds Largest Rollout of Communicating Car Technology
10/28 ams ams high-sensitivity optical sensor eliminates flicker artifacts to deliver vibrant and distortion-free smartphone camera images and videos
10/28 Kyocera Industrial Ceramics KYOCERA Unveils Worlds First Smart, Portable Carbohydrate Monitoring System
10/25 OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Immerse yourself in another world: Infrared LEDs from Osram make virtual and augmented reality applications even “more real”
10/24 Micron Micron Broadens Choices for Storing the Worlds Data With Announcement of New Enterprise and Consumer SSDs
10/24 Micron Micron Introduces Industrys First Silicon-Based Security-as-a-Service Platform for IoT Edge Devices
10/24 Littelfuse Littelfuse Launches Semiconductor Fuses with Bladed Mounting Options
10/24 Diodes Incorporated High-Side Load Switch from Diodes Incorporated with Slew-Rate Control and True Reverse Current Blocking Improves Reliability
10/24 Abracon Abracons new factory configurable ASGTX5 XO with 3ppm stability delivers up to 2.1GHz in a compact footprint
10/24 Eaton Eaton introduces Breaktor, a new high-voltage protection device for electrified vehicles
10/23 Eaton Eaton to launch a purpose-built, heavy-duty transmission for electric commercial vehicles
10/22 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics Unleashes Enhanced NFC Experiences of New iOS 13 Platform
10/22 Omnivision OmniVision Announces Guinness World Record for Smallest Image Sensor and New Miniature Camera Module for Disposable Medical Applications
10/22 Microchip Technology Microchip Solves Interoperability Challenges of Delivering up to 90 Watts of Power Over Ethernet Wiring
10/22 Eaton Eaton’s new Flex Power Distribution Unit delivers safer power for commercial electric vehicles
10/22 Mean Well Enterprises WDR-60 Series 60W Single-Phase 180~550Vac Ultra-Wide Input DIN Rail Power Supply
10/22 IDT IDT Offers Complete Portfolio of PCIe Gen5 Clocking Solutions for Datacenter and Network Infrastructure
10/22 Bourns Inc. Bourns Introduces TVS Diode Products Featuring High Peak Power and Current Ratings to Protect Sensitive Electronics
10/22 Epson Epson to Expand IntelliFlex Feeding System Product Line
10/21 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology 3 V Ruggedized ENYCAP™ Energy Storage Capacitors Offer Long Life and High Moisture Resistance
10/21 STMicroelectronics New Transient-Voltage-Suppression Diodes from STMicroelectronics Deliver Higher Protection in Smaller Packages
10/21 IDT IDT Announces Fully Integrated All-In-One Biosensor Module for Mobile and Wearable Devices
10/21 Bourns Inc. Bourns Further Expands its Discrete TVS Diode Product Line
10/21 Microchip Technology Microchips Low-Power Radiation-Tolerant (RT) PolarFire FPGA Enables High-Bandwidth Space Systems with Lower Total System Cost
10/18 Abracon Abracon Announces External MIMO Antennas for the IoT
10/17 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Releases Low Capacitance TVS Diodes Suitable for ESD Protection for Thunderbolt 3 and other High Speed Signal Lines
10/17 STMicroelectronics Affordable LoRa® Development Packs from STMicroelectronics Jump-Start Projects Leveraging Large-Scale LPWAN Connectivity
10/17 Semtech Semtechs LoRa® Devices Create an Efficient Monitoring Solution for Reducing Energy Consumption
10/17 IDT IDT Offers Avalanche Technologys MRAM Devices to Complement its Broad Range of Semiconductor Devices
10/17 Diodes Incorporated Flash LED Drivers from Diodes Incorporated Deliver High-Current Stability in Portable Devices for Dual- and Quad-Channel Applications
10/16 Murata Power Solutions 650W AC-DC power supplies for medical and industrial applications
10/16 Maxim Integrated Maxims Battery Monitor IC is the Industrys Only Single-Chip ASIL-D-Compliant IC for Mid-to-Large Cell Count Configuration
10/16 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Introduces Three New Automotive Grade IHLP® Inductors in its Smallest 1212 Case Size
10/16 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics Launches Next-Gen Payment System-on-Chip with Increased Performance and Protection
10/16 Semtech Semtech’s BlueRiver® Technology Integrated into Black Box’s Award-Winning MCX Solutions
10/16 Renesas Electronics Renesas Electronics Introduces the R-Car Consortium Proactive Partner Program to Accelerate Automotive Mobility Innovation
10/16 ams New ams Active Stereo Vision system boosts 3D adoption in smart phones, HABA and IoT
10/16 Bourns Inc. Bourns Introduces its Smallest Miniature Resettable Thermal Cutoff (TCO) Devices
10/15 Panasonic Laser Type PM Sensor
10/15 TDK Film capacitors: Compact form factors for DC link applications
10/15 STMicroelectronics 64-Channel High-Voltage Switch IC from STMicroelectronics Drives Portability with Performance in Medical and Industrial Imaging
10/15 ON Semiconductor ON Semiconductor and AImotive Announce Collaboration on Future Sensor Fusion Hardware Platforms
10/15 NXP Semiconductors NXP NXH3670 Powers Turtle Beachs Elite Atlas Aero – The Ultimate High-Performance Wireless Headset for PC Gamers and Streamers
10/15 Infineon Technologies Gesture control thanks to Infineon-radar technology in Google Pixel 4 Smartphone
10/15 Epson Epson to Showcase Award-Winning Robot Portfolio and New Parts Feeding Solution at the Assembly Show
10/15 Avago / Broadcom Broadcom Delivers Industry’s Highest Density Modem Solution
10/14 NXP Semiconductors NXP Debuts New Series of Programmable Baseband Processors for the 5G Access Edge
10/14 Littelfuse Littelfuse Dual channel PPTC with 50% Smaller Footprint Protects Telecom Equipment from Overcurrents
10/14 Mini-Circuits Over 800 Mini-Circuits Components Now Available in X-Microwave Drop-In Format
10/14 NVE NVE Introduces TMR Magnetic Switches
10/14 Everlight Electronics EVERLIGHT Demonstrating Intelligent Automotive Products at CEATEC Japan
10/14 Avago / Broadcom Broadcom Drives 10G Fiber Broadband with Industry’s Highest Density PON OLT MAC
10/11 ON Semiconductor Orange France Selected Wi-Fi Chipset from ON Semiconductor for New Livebox 5 Gateway
10/11 Murata Manufacturing Murata Manufacturing and Osaka Prefecture University’s Research Institute for Light-induced Acceleration System Are Jointly Developing a Portable Optical Condensation System That Will Make Bacteria Te
10/10 STMicroelectronics STSPIN Modules from STMicroelectronics Add High-Performing Motor Drivers to MikroElektronika Fusion for Arm® Ecosystem
10/10 Semtech Semtech and Hanbit Build Efficient Water Networks with LoRa® Devices
10/10 Nichicon NICHICON Develops 150°C 2,000 Hours Guaranteed Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
10/10 Molex Molex Demonstrates Modular Automotive Connectivity (MAX) Platform at ELIV 2019
10/10 Epson All American Installs Epson Certified Solution Center in Philadelphia
10/10 Diodes Incorporated MIPI PHY Switch from Diodes Incorporated Offers Fast Switching between High Speed and Low Power across Five Lanes
10/10 Bridgelux Bridgelux Delivers New Lighting Solutions, Naturally
10/10 Murata Manufacturing Murata to Develop Millimeter-Wave (60 GHz) RF Module for Terragraph
10/10 Avago / Broadcom Broadcom Introduces Industry’s First 3x3 Wi-Fi 6 Chip for Mass-Market WLAN Access Points and Set-Top Boxes
10/10 Microchip Technology Adaptec® Smart Storage Offering is First to Include Open Source Toolkit for Managing Data Center Storage
10/09 Diodes Incorporated Automotive-Compliant Linear Regulators from Diodes Incorporated Deliver High PSRR and Low Quiescent Current
10/09 TDK Magnetic Sensors: 3D position Hall sensor HAL® 3900 with stray-field compensation and SPI interface
10/09 Cypress Semiconductor Cypress Introduces USB-C Controller for High-Volume Segments in PC Market
10/08 Mean Well Enterprises HEP-1000 series 1000W Fanless Harsh Environment Power Supply
10/08 Lumileds Lumileds Delivers Highest Efficacy CoB, a Convenient Solution for High Impact Retail and Indoor Area Lighting
10/08 Littelfuse Littelfuse Introduces Easy to Install TLS Series Fuse
10/08 CML Microcircuits CML Removes Barriers to Wider Use of AIS, Increasing Maritime Safety for More Sea Vessels
10/08 AVX New VLAS Series AEC-Q200 Qualified Multilayer Varistors With Competitively Low Clamping-to-Working-Voltage Ratios
10/08 Analog Devices (ADI) Analog Devices MeasureWare Revolutionizes Precision Measurement and Helps Users Better Interpret Their World
10/08 TDK Voltage protection devices: Combined ESD and EMI protection for audio equipment
10/08 Taiyo Yuden TAIYO YUDEN Approximately Triples the Communications Range of Bluetooth® 5 Compatible Wireless Communications Module
10/08 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics Showcases Its Latest Solutions for Industrial Markets at SEDEX 2019
10/08 ROHM Semiconductor New 4-Pin Package SiC MOSFETs
10/08 Epson Epson Partners with TEKLYNX on Development of Native Printer Drivers for New ColorWorks C6000-Series On-Demand Color Label Printers
10/08 Renesas Electronics Renesas Electronics Unveils RA Family of 32-Bit Arm Cortex-M Microcontrollers with Superior Performance and Advanced Security for Intelligent IoT Applications
10/08 NXP Semiconductors NXP and ART Turbocharge a Completely Immersive Infotainment Experience in Luxury Sports Cars
10/07 Microchip Technology Reduce Bill of Materials (BOM) in Wireless Audio Designs with Microchips New Bluetooth® 5.0-Qualified, Dual-Mode Solutions
10/07 Littelfuse Littelfuse Expands High-Temperature TRIAC Thyristor Series to Help Designers Improve Thermal Management
10/07 Vishay New Vishay Intertechnology Position Sensor Offers Robust, High-Resolution Performance for Robotics and Other Precision Industrial and Military Applications
10/07 TDK-Lambda Cme-a series of power supplies in line with medical standards have been added A small panel option with A type A cover.
10/07 Semtech Semtech and Digimondo Simplify Utility Metering with New Starter Package
10/07 Abracon Abracon Releases Power-Optimized AK5 and AK7 ClearClock™ Oscillators with Sub-80fs Jitter
10/07 Omnivision New OmniVision Image Sensor Captures Premium Video With HDR and Provides Excellent Ultra Wide Angle Photo Performance
10/03 Epson Epson Introduces Lightest and Smallest Color Mobile Printer
10/02 Maxim Integrated Maxim Power Management Solution Sets Industry’s Standard with Highest Efficiency of 96% and Lowest Quiescent Current of 6µA to Boost Runtime of Portable Device
10/02 Kyocera Industrial Ceramics KYOCERA Group to Exhibit Innovative Technologies and Products at CEATEC 2019 Tradeshow Oct. 15-18
10/02 Infineon Technologies Highly efficient NFC programming method for LED drivers: NLM0010 and NLM0011 ICs enable wide use in LED illumination
10/02 IDT IDT Launches Smallest Low-Power Wireless Power Receiver for Simple and Efficient In-Case Charging of Consumer Devices
10/02 Diodes Incorporated Industry’s First HDMI 2.1 Linear ReDriver from Diodes Incorporated Optimized for Next-Generation Video Applications
10/02 CTS New TCXO Models Designed for Small Cell Base Stations to Support 5G Architecture
10/01 Seoul Semiconductor Seoul Semiconductor’s SunLike Series Natural Spectrum LEDs Adopted by British Lighting Brand WILA for Human-Centric Lighting in Office and Educational Buildings
09/30 Micron Micron Xccela™ Flash Adopted by Xilinx to Accelerate Performance of Artificial Intelligence Applications
09/30 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Launches 600V Sine-Wave PWM Driver IC for Three-Phase Brushless Motors
09/30 Texas Instruments (TI) New family of adaptable buck-boost converters delivers up to 2.5 A in a tiny footprint to shrink board space
09/29 Lumex Lumex® Launches IC Embedded RGB Surface Mount LED
09/29 Power Integrations Power Integrations Delivers One-Millionth GaN-Based InnoSwitch3 IC
09/27 Johanson Technology Johanson Announces new UWB Band Pass Filter
09/26 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Launches High-voltage Dual-channel Solenoid Driver IC
09/25 Mean Well Enterprises SLD-50 Series 50W Slim and Linear Type LED Driver
09/25 ams ams launches extended operating range dToF module enabling smartphones with space-saving accurate distance measurement
09/25 TT Electronics TT Electronics Launches Low Profile Reflective Object Sensor in PCB Assembly
09/25 Silicon Labs New Silicon Labs Mesh Networking Modules Streamline Secure IoT Product Design
09/24 TDK EMC components: Extended range of power line chokes
09/24 Semtech Semtech Announces Availability of New FiberEdge™ 56GB EML Driver for Hyperscale Data Center Applications
09/24 Renesas Electronics Renesas Electronics Announces Automotive Industry’s First Full HD LCD Video Controller with MIPI-CSI2 Input
09/23 Everlight Electronics Everlight launches smart new EL SMARTLED series for automotive interior intelligent situation lighting solutions
09/23 Everlight Electronics Everlight launches new smart VS-FI3535 series for automotive face recognition solutions
09/23 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology FRED Pt® Ultrafast Rectifiers in MicroSMP Package Increase Power Density, Improve Efficiency Space-Saving 200 V Devices Deliver High Current Ratings to 2 A in Compact 2.5 mm by
09/23 Yageo September 23rd, Yageo Released Automotive X8G MLCCs withstanding 150°C Working Temperature
09/23 IDT IDT Releases 64G Linear Trans-Impedance Amplifier for Coherent Applications
09/19 Panasonic PAN1326C2 Series Bluetooth® Multi Mode Wireless Connectivity RF Module and Evaluation Kit
09/19 TDK Sensors: Versatile ultrasonic disks
09/19 Diodes Incorporated Flash LED Drivers from Diodes Incorporated Deliver High-Current Stability in Portable Devices for Dual- and Quad-Channel Applications
09/19 AKM Semiconductor AKM Releases Ultra-Small Tri-Axis Magnetic Smart Switch with 1/5 of the Packaging Area
09/19 Abracon Abracon Announces New In-Stock Ceramic Resonators in Popular Footprints and Values
09/19 Murata Power Solutions 9-36Vdc Vin Range 1/16th brick DC-DC converter delivers high performance and class-leading I/O isolation
09/18 Exar MaxLinear Announces New Telluride PAM4 DSPs Optimized for 100G Applications
09/18 ON Semiconductor ON Semiconductor’s AutoSens showcased a fully integrated in-cabin monitoring system in partnership with Ambarella and Eyeris
09/18 Mean Well Enterprises DRDN20/40 & ERDN20/40 series 20A/40A Power Supply Redundancy Module
09/17 Littelfuse High Power TVS Diodes from Littelfuse Protect Vulnerable Electronics from Voltage Transients and Surge Lightning Events
09/17 ROHM Semiconductor New Automotive-Grade Backlight LED Driver Optimized for LCD Panels
09/16 IDT IDT Launches Industry’s First Digital Outdoor Air Quality Sensor Targeting Ozone and NOx Gases for High Volume Applications
09/16 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology’s New Cost-Effective Proximity Sensor Provides Sensing Distance Up to 30 cm
09/16 ams Launch of world’s smallest digital IR proximity sensing module paves way to smaller, lighter, always-available earbuds
09/13 Qorvo Qorvo Launches World’s First Dual-band Wi-Fi 6 Front-end Module
09/12 Molex Molex Announces New MicroTPA 2.00mm Wire-to-Board and Wire-to-Wire Connector System
09/12 Diodes Incorporated Miniature Automotive MOSFETs from Diodes Incorporated Deliver Increased Power Density
09/12 NJR / JRC NJR releases the 0.05µV/°C max, Zero-Drift, Single Supply, Rail-to-Rail Output CMOS Operational Amplifier NJU7098AF1-C
09/12 CTS CTS Releases New Series 285 Flange Mount Non-Contacting Rotary Position Sensor
09/12 NJR / JRC NJR releases the High Speed Photo Diode NJL6407R
09/12 Winbond Winbond Electronics Launches a Series of Mobile Memory Products - LPDDR4X targeting at Niche Market
09/11 NXP Semiconductors NXP Introduces MC9S08PLS 8-bit Series for General Purpose Control Applications
09/10 Lumileds Lumileds Delivers Highest Efficacy 3V 3030 LED for Troffers and Panel Lights
09/10 Diodes Incorporated High-Reliability Quartz Crystals from Diodes Incorporated Withstand Harsh Conditions in Automotive Applications
09/10 Power Integrations Automotive-Qualified 200 V Qspeed Diodes from Power Integrations Excel in Audio Amplifiers
09/09 Mean Well Enterprises PHP-3500Series 3500W Digitalized Parallelable High Efficiency Water-cooled Power Supply
09/05 Molex Molex Releases the Micro-Latch 2.00mm Wire-to-Board Connector System
09/04 Power Integrations LYTSwitch-6 LED Drivers from Power Integrations Use PowiGaN Technology to Deliver Industry-Leading Power Density and Efficiency
09/04 TDK Aluminum electrolytic capacitors: Robust SMD design in hybrid polymer technology
09/03 Semtech Semtech Releases First XGSPON Chipset
09/03 Omnivision OmniVision Announces Image Sensor With Industry’s Smallest BSI Global Shutter Pixel
09/03 Kyocera Industrial Ceramics New KYOCERA 5655 Series Board-to-Board Connectors Feature One of the World’s Lowest Stacking Heights, Ideal for Automotive Electronics
08/29 Altera Intel Ships First 10nm Agilex FPGAs
08/28 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Automotive Grade WFP Power Metal PlateTM  Shunt Resistors Reduce Component Counts and Increase Measurement Accuracy
08/28 Silicon Labs New Isolated Smart Switches from Silicon Labs Drive Any Load in Harsh Industrial Environments
08/27 AKM Semiconductor AKM releases ultra-high accuracy unipolar coreless current sensor supporting 60Arms with more than 8mm of Creepage / Clearance Distance
08/23 TDK-Lambda Small substrate type Three-output power supply CUT-J series has added a double-sided substrate coating option
08/21 TT Electronics New Surface Mount Inductors Meet Complex Requirements
08/21 Diodes Incorporated Non-Isolated Buck Switchers from Diodes Incorporated Provide High-Voltage AC-DC Conversion with Low Standby Current for Always-On Appliances
08/21 TT Electronics TT Electronics’ new surface mount inductors meet complex requirements of today’s high power density
08/20 AKM Semiconductor AKM releases high-quality multi-channel D/A converter utilizing audio-optimized LSI manufacturing process
08/20 Power Integrations New CAPZero-3 X-Capacitor Discharge ICs from Power Integrations Meet IEC60335
08/19 NVE NVE Introduces CAN FD Isolated Transceivers
08/16 CTS Series 228 Illuminated Tact Switch Product Expansion
08/15 Micron Micron Unveils Industry’s Highest-Capacity Monolithic Memory for Mobile Applications
08/14 Eaton Eaton expands its market leading automotive grade magnetics portfolio with new line of high current power inductors
08/13 Lumileds Lumileds Introduces Most Robust, Brightest High Power LUXEON 5050 Package
08/09 Abracon Abracon Releases Power-Optimized AX3 ClearClock™ Oscillators with Ultra-Low Jitter of 80fs
08/08 Avago / Broadcom Broadcom Announces Industry-First Portfolio of PCIe 4.0 Ethernet Adapters and Fibre Channel HBAs Supporting AMD EPYC™ 7002 Series Processor
08/07 CTS CTS Releases IoT Enhanced Crystal Designs
08/07 IDT IDT Introduces ONFI 4.1 1:4 Flash Memory Expander for High-Performance, High-Density Solid-State Drives
08/06 Xilinx Xilinx Expands Alveo Portfolio with Industry’s First Adaptable Compute, Network and Storage Accelerator Card Built for Any Server, Any Cloud
08/05 Microsemi Microchip Enters Memory Infrastructure Market with Serial Memory Controller for High-performance Data Center Computing
08/01 Altera Intel Launches First 10th Gen Intel Core Processors: Redefining the Next Era of Laptop Experiences
08/01 TDK PFC capacitors: Rugged design for a long service life
07/30 NVE NVE Introduces Isolated Transceiver for 3.3 Volt RS-485 Buses
07/29 Silicon Labs Silicon Labs Enhances Popular Si479xx Automotive Tuner Family with Software-Defined Radio Technology
07/25 Power Integrations Power Integrations Releases Gallium Nitride-Based InnoSwitch3 AC-DC Converter ICs
07/24 OSRAM Opto Semiconductors New, robust Osram LED extends the day
07/24 Semtech Semtech’s New RClamp® Array Provides Industry-Leading Protection for LVDS, Ethernet and USB 3.x Interfaces
07/23 Lumileds Lumileds Demonstrates Chip Scale Package (CSP) Leadership with Directional CSPs for Smallest, Brightest Spotlights
07/23 Renesas Electronics Renesas Electronics Introduces Family of 15 Mbps Photocouplers with Industry Leading Features for Harsh Industrial Applications
07/23 IDT IDT Announces World’s First 30W Wireless Charging Chipset
07/22 Nichicon NJR releases the High Capacitance Piezo-sounder Driver with charge pump NJW1280
07/17 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Unveils Long-Life Ceramic / Quartz-Based UVC Emitting Diode in Compact SMD Package
07/16 Murata Manufacturing Murata develops and starts volume production of world is smallest SAW duplexers, filters Contributing to Denser Circuit Design and Enhanced Smartphone Functionality
07/16 STMicroelectronics 600V Three-Phase Gate Driver with Smart Shutdown from STMicroelectronics Enhances Performance and Safety in Industrial Applications
07/16 AKM Semiconductor AKM releases Voice Processor for Automotive Telematics Control Unit
07/15 Texas Instruments (TI) New power switching regulator with the industry is lowest quiescent current extends battery life in Internet of Things designs
07/11 Microchip Technology Reduce Production Costs and Time to Market with Industry’s First
07/11 Mean Well Enterprises XLG Series LED Power Supply, XLG-240 Series is Officially Released
07/10 IDT IDT and Electronic Design Chemnitz Collaborate on Implementing Wireless Communication and Sensor Solutions for Industry 4.0
07/10 Vishay New Vishay Intertechnology Ambient Light Sensor with High Sensitivity Targets Wearables and Smartphones
07/09 STMicroelectronics Robust, Low-Power Automotive Accelerometer from STMicroelectronics Adds Durability to Secure Remote Key Fobs
07/09 ROHM Semiconductor New Compact High Output Lens LEDs Eliminate the Need for Light Leakage Countermeasures in Vehicle Instrument Clusters
07/09 Altera Intel Unveils New Tools in Its Advanced Chip Packaging Toolbox
07/09 Bridgelux Bridgelux Achieves 200 lm/W with Third Generation EB Series™ Products
07/08 Maxim Integrated Maxim Enhances MediaTek’s In-Vehicle Infotainment Platform with Market-Leading Automotive Video Distribution and Power Management Innovations
07/05 Lumex Lumex® Launches Digital LEDs Strip
07/03 TT Electronics TT Electronics’ New Reflective Optical Sensor and Fiber Optic Transmitters
07/03 Mean Well Enterprises SPRN01 / DPRN01 Series 1W Miniature SIP Package Encapsulated DC-DC Converter
07/02 TT Electronics Multi-Resistance Thermometers from TT Electronics
07/02 ON Semiconductor ON Semiconductor to Showcase Technologies for Electric Vehicles and to Help Move Towards Autonomous Driving at EV China 2019
07/02 Diodes Incorporated Diodes Incorporated’s Automotive-Compliant Linear LED Driver-Controller Features Low Dropout and Enhanced Dimming
07/02 Semtech Semtech’s BlueRiver® Technology Enables New Market-Leading Solutions from YUAN®
07/01 AKM Semiconductor AKM releases World-Class High-Precision Tri-Axis Magnetic Sensor
07/01 Seiko Instruments, Inc. (SII) SII Develops World’s First*1 Reflowable MS Lithium Rechargeable Battery
06/28 Abracon Best Antennas Types for Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)
06/28 CTS CTS Releases New VR Series Panel Potentiometers
06/27 Microchip Technology Accelerate EMI Qualification of Automotive Touchscreens with New Capacitive Touch Controllers
06/27 IDT IDT Launches Dual Thermocouple Sensor Signal Conditioner for Automotive Exhaust System Applications
06/26 Vishay New Vishay Intertechnology Varistors Offers Ultra Surge Capability to 13 kA, UL-Certified Operation Up to +125 °C
06/26 STMicroelectronics Powerline Communication Development Toolset from STMicroelectronics Extends Access to Field-Proven G3-PLC Chipset
06/26 Power Integrations Highly Flexible Gate-Driver System from Power Integrations Targets New 1.7 kV to 4.5 kV IGBT & SiC Dual Power Modules
06/26 NVE NVE Launches TMR Analog Magnetometer
06/26 ams Launch of module accelerates development of ultra-sonic water meters
06/26 Allegro Allegro MicroSystems Announces the Addition of High Accuracy GMR Sensor ICs to Wheel Speed Product Family
06/26 Diodes Incorporated Differential Clock Buffers from Diodes Incorporated Meet Demand for Higher Design Margin in Terabit Communications
06/25 Texas Instruments (TI) Do more in less space: Tiny amplifiers minimize footprint and maximize performance in space-constrained designs
06/25 TDK MEMS Sensors: TDK announces worldwide availability of MEMS-based “sonar on a silicon chip” ultrasonic time-of-flight sensors
06/25 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics’ New Switching Regulator with Wide Voltage Ranges Adds Robustness and Flexibility in Automotive Applications
06/25 ROHM Semiconductor Ultra-Compact High Accuracy Earthquake Detection Sensor Module
06/25 Microchip Technology Microchip Introduces First Clock Buffers to Meet DB2000Q/QL Standards Plus PCIe Gen 4 and Gen 5 Low Jitter Specifications
06/25 CML Microcircuits CML Enables Greater Robustness against Security Breaches with Full-Duplex Audio Scrambler
06/25 Murata Power Solutions Digital panel meters for industrial applications deliver high accuracy and increased design flexibility
06/24 Schaffner EV/EH Series adds new family members
06/24 Omnivision OmniVision Expands Resolution to 4 Megapixels in Image Sensor Family With Nyxel® Near-Infrared and Ultra Low Light Technologies
06/24 Bourns Inc. Bourns Announces New Sulfur-Resistant Fixed Resistor Series
06/21 TDK-Lambda Bidirectional DC-DC converter EZA2500W has been added to EZA2500 series with an expanded voltage input range on high voltage side and low voltage side
06/20 Microchip Technology Fast Data Rates Meet High Accuracy in Microchip’s New Analog-to-Digital Converter Families
06/19 Texas Instruments (TI) Enhanced connectivity and increased control performance on TI’s new C2000™ microcontrollers enable system-level flexibility
06/19 STMicroelectronics High-Performance MEMS Inertial Module from STMicroelectronics Targets Demanding AR, VR, and Tracking Applications
06/18 Winbond Winbond supports accelerated roll-out of 5G CPE modems with release of 2Gb+2Gb NAND+LPDDR4x multi-chip package
06/18 ROHM Semiconductor New Power Supply Monitoring IC with Built-In Self-Diagnostic Function that Supports Functional Safety
06/18 Diodes Incorporated Adaptive LED Current Ripple Suppressor from Diodes Incorporated Enables High Power Factor and Flicker-Free Professional LED Lighting
06/17 STMicroelectronics ROM-Based GNSS Module from STMicroelectronics Targets Mass-Market Tracking and Navigation Applications
06/17 Omnivision OmniVision Announces Its First 48 Megapixel, 0.8 Micron Image Sensor
06/14 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba’s IGBT/IEGT Compact Modeling Realizes Highly Accurate Prediction of Power Efficiency and EMI Noise
06/12 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology 1 A and 2 A FRED Pt® Ultrafast Rectifiers in SMP Package Increase Power Density, Improve Efficiency
06/12 LEDiL NEW PRODUCTS 2019-06-12
06/12 Diodes Incorporated USB Type-C Port Switch from Diodes Incorporated Enables Latest Mobile Devices to Continue Supporting Legacy Data and Audio Signals
06/11 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Launches New Family of Low Voltage Driven Photorelays --Photorelays in tiny packages enable high-density assembly in test equipment applications--
06/11 Texas Instruments (TI) TI introduces the first system basis chip with integrated CAN FD controller and transceiver
06/11 Molex Molex Releases Micro Power Distribution Box Sealed Modules
06/11 CTS Low Jitter Differential Clock Oscillator – Product Expansion
06/11 Littelfuse Littelfuse Introduces New SPD2 Type 2 Surge Protection Device (SPD) Product Line
06/11 AKM Semiconductor AKM develops a high-quality low-power 4-ch A/D converter for multi-microphone recording
06/10 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Launches 14 New Qi-Compliant Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Coils in Industry-Standard Sizes
06/10 Maxim Integrated Unleash the Full Potential of Your Micro Speakers with Maxim’s DSM Smart Amplifier
06/06 Renesas Electronics Renesas Electronics Launches RX72M Group of Microcontrollers with EtherCAT® Support for Industrial Applications
06/06 Semtech Semtech Announces AVX Chipset Series for Extension, Switching and Processing Applications
06/05 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Extends T55 Series of Polymer Tantalum Chip Capacitors With Single-Digit ESR Down to 7 mΩ in the D Case
06/05 Diodes Incorporated Voltage Level Translator from Diodes Incorporated Provides Direction-Free Flexibility for Networks and Servers
06/05 Murata Power Solutions 400W 1/8th Brick DC-DC converters support PMBus protocol for communication
06/04 STMicroelectronics New STMicroelectronics’ STM32H7 Microcontrollers Combine Dual-Core Performance with Rich Feature Integration
06/04 Mean Well Enterprises ERP-200 Series 200W Rain-proof Constant Voltage Output Power Supply
06/04 Lumileds Lumileds Targets Surveillance Detail with LUXEON IR Domed Asymmetric Emitters
06/04 Littelfuse Littelfuse setP™ Temperature Indicators Provide Improved Prevention of Overheating Damage to USB Type-C Connectors
06/03 Qorvo Qorvo® Adds New GaN Power Amplifiers for Mission-Critical Applications
06/03 Qorvo Qorvo® Breaks Power Barrier with 10W Ka-Band GaN Amplifier
05/31 NXP Semiconductors NXP Announces Industry’s First Digital Signal Controller with Both USB and CAN FD Support for Advanced Motor Control and Digital Power Applications
05/31 Mean Well Enterprises KNX-40E 1280D KNX Power Supply with Diagnostic Function
05/30 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Automotive Grade WFM Power Metal PlateTM Current Sense Resistors Combine High Power and Wide Resistance Range for Better Accuracy by Eliminating Parallel Elements
05/30 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Launches Low Power Consumption Brushed DC Motor Driver IC with Popular Pin-assignment HSOP8 Package
05/30 Renesas Electronics Renesas Electronics Launches Rad-Hard 16-Channel Current Driver with Integrated Decoder for Satellite Applications
05/30 Microchip Technology Microchip Announces Production Release of Silicon Carbide (SiC)
05/29 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Miniature IR Receivers in Heimdall and Panhead Packages Deliver Improved Sensitivity, Noise Suppression, and Pulse-Width Accuracy
05/29 NVE NVE Introduces New Smart TMR Magnetometer
05/29 Microsemi Industry’s First Terabit-Scale Ethernet PHY Enables Highest-Density 400 GbE and FlexE Connectivity
05/28 Microchip Technology Preserve Legacy Low Pin Count (LPC) Investments with the Industry’s First Commercial eSPI to LPC Bridge
05/28 Renesas Electronics Renesas Electronics Launches RX23E-A Group, First RX Microcontrollers Built-In Industry-Leading Analog Front End For High-Precision Sensing and Measurement Equipment
05/28 TDK Inductors: High efficiency thin-film power inductors for mobile devices
05/28 Analog Devices (ADI) Analog Devices Announces New Impedance & Potentiostat Analog Front End for Biological & Chemical Sensing
05/28 AKM Semiconductor AKM releases high resolution DSPs for audio and voice processing
05/26 Altera Intel COMPUTEX Preview: New Products Deliver Real-World Performance — Up to 2x Gaming and 8x AI Boost
05/24 Omnivision OmniVision’s New SoC Provides Entry Level, Thin-Bezel Notebooks With Industry’s Best VGA Camera Image Quality, Low Power Consumption and Overall Value
05/23 TT Electronics New connectors and contacts from TT Electronics ensure high speed data integrity in rail and military vehicle applications
05/23 Texas Instruments (TI) Industry’s fastest 12-bit ADC meets the most demanding requirements of tomorrow’s test and measurement, and defense applications
05/23 Allegro Allegro to Showcase Intelligent Solutions Ideal for Solar Applications using Current Sensor ICs at SNEC 2019
05/23 Abracon Abracon Releases Power-Optimized AX5 ClearClock™ Oscillators with Ultra-Low Jitter of 125fs
05/23 Omnivision OmniVision Announces Compact Global Shutter Camera Module for Near-Infrared Mobile Facial Authentication, AR/VR Eye Tracking and Machine Vision
05/22 Diodes Incorporated Super Barrier Rectifier Technology from Diodes Incorporated Improves Efficiency and Reliability of Automotive Daytime Running Lights
05/22 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Starts Shipment of UL 508 Certified Photorelays for Industrial Control Equipment
05/21 Omnivision OmniVision Announces Industry’s First 5MP RGB-Ir Image Sensor for 2-in-1 Convertible Laptops with Windows Hello Facial Authentication
05/21 Microsemi Create Cost-effective Smart Lighting Systems with Eight-port Switch that Supports New IEEE 802.3bt Power over Ethernet (PoE) Standard
05/21 Diodes Incorporated Single-Stage, High Power Factor LED Driver-Controller from Diodes Incorporated with Mixed-Mode Dimming
05/21 TDK Actuators: PiezoListen™: Ultra-thin piezo speaker with a wide dynamic range
05/20 Omnivision OmniVision Announces Automotive Image Sensor for LED Flicker Mitigation with Industry’s Smallest Split-Pixel Design
05/20 Mean Well Enterprises ELGC-300-DA Series 300W DALI 2 LED Power Supply
05/20 Bridgelux It’s Time. Vesta® Flex Is Now Your Interoperable Lighting and Controls Solution
05/20 Fremont Micro Devices (FMD) Micro core touch, FMD Electronics officially entered the field of touch MCU
05/16 Pulse Electronics 2.5GBase-T and 5GBase-T Low Profile Ethernet Magnetics
05/16 Renesas Electronics Renesas Launches RX72T Group to Expand Microcontroller Options for Servo Control in Industrial Robots
05/15 Bourns Inc. Bourns Significantly Expands SinglFuse™ Overcurrent Protection Line
05/14 TDK Piezo actuators: Mini PowerHap actuators for haptic feedback
05/14 IDT IDT Launches ProXO Family of Programmable Low Jitter Clock Oscillators for Datacenter and Networking Applications
05/14 Lumileds Lumileds Transforms White Light Color Tuning and Enables Next Step in Human Centric Lighting with LUXEON Fusion Technology
05/14 Diodes Incorporated USB PD Controller from Diodes Incorporated Supports Standard and Proprietary Protocols for Power Delivery in a Small Outline Package
05/13 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics’ Programmable Power-Management Device Saves Space and Increases Reliability in Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems
05/13 Omnivision OmniVision Announces Automotive Image Signal Processor Featuring Industry’s Leading LED Flicker Mitigation and HDR Over Automotive Temperature Range
05/13 Bourns Inc. Bourns Further Expands Sensor Line with Highly Sensitive, Accurate Pressure Sensor Designed for Extended Temperature Applications
05/13 Luminus Devices New Pico-COBs Offer the Smallest LES and Enable Tiny Light Fixtures with Punch
05/10 AKM Semiconductor AKM develops RF transceiver with integrated power amplifier for Chinese ETC
05/09 TDK-Lambda New addition lineup for GXE600, a convection cooled AC-DC power supply with Digital Communication Interface
05/09 TDK-Lambda New addition lineup for CUS1500M for Single-phase input fuse, Intake Air Fan and Double sided coating
05/09 TT Electronics TT Electronics introduces new Pola Power™ connectors series
05/09 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Launches Lens Reduction Type, 5340-Pixel by 3-line Linear Image Sensor for Office Automation and Industrial Equipment
05/09 ROHM Semiconductor ROHM Offers Lineup of Automotive-Grade 1200V-Rated IGBT
05/08 CML Microcircuits CML Introduces Long-range, Low-power Digital Voice and Data Transceiver for 2.4GHz Band
05/08 Bourns Inc. Bourns Introduces Two Compact, Lower Profile TVS Diode Series
05/08 Bridgelux Bridgelux Product Enhancements Increase Efficacy and Reduce The Cost of Light
05/08 Omnivision OmniVision’s New Dual-Mode Automotive Image Sensor for Single-Camera Driver State Monitoring and Viewing Applications
05/08 Johanson Technology Johanson Releases Small 5G Chip Antenna
05/07 TDK Film Capacitors: Rugged AC filter capacitors with UL 810 approval
05/07 ROHM Semiconductor ROHM Presents the Industry’s First AC/DC Converter ICs with a Built-In 1700V SiC MOSFET
05/07 Power Integrations Power Integrations Unveils Complete Range of Switcher ICs with Integrated 900 V MOSFETs
05/07 Lumileds Lumileds Expands LUXEON CoB Family with Industry Leading High CRI LEDs
05/07 Nichicon NICHICON PCZ Series of 150℃ Chip-Type
05/07 Littelfuse New 1.000 V Ultra Junction X-Class HiPerFET™ MOSFETs from Littelfuse
05/06 STMicroelectronics STSPIN32 Single-Shunt BLDC Motor Controller from STMicroelectronics Saves Space, Time, and Bill of Materials
05/06 Mean Well Enterprises XLG-150/200 Series 150/200W LED Power Supply
05/04 Pulse Electronics High Isolation Ethernet Transformers for Industrial and Medical Applications
05/02 Diodes Incorporated Versatile Boost Controller for LED/LCD Applications from Diodes Incorporated Delivers 1~100% Dimming Range
05/01 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Automotive Grade IHLP® Inductor Features Operating Temperature to +180 °C for Under the Hood Applications
05/01 TT Electronics High-Energy Double-Sided Chip Resistor
04/30 ON Semiconductor ON Semiconductor to Launch SiC-based Hybrid IGBT and Isolated High Current IGBT Gate Driver at PCIM Europe 2019
04/30 IDT IDT Announces Expansion of RF Beamforming Portfolio for Phased Array Applications
04/30 Cypress Semiconductor Anker Selects Cypress’ USB-C Controller for its New Family of PowerPort PD Chargers
04/30 Mean Well Enterprises EPP-120S Series 120W High Efficiency Miniaturized 3”x 2”Industrial Open Frame Power Supply
04/29 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Radial-Leaded High Voltage Single Layer Ceramic Disc Capacitors Offer Industry-High Capacitance of 2 nF
04/29 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics’ 650V High-Frequency IGBTs Boost Performance with Latest High-Speed Technology
04/29 Littelfuse Littelfuse TVS Diode Arrays Provide Ultimate Ultra-Low Capacitance Protection from ESD for Ultra High-Speed Interfaces
04/25 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Launches Three-phase Brushless Motor Controller ICs with Sine Wave Drive
04/25 ROHM Semiconductor BD71847AMWV - Power Management IC Optimized for NXP Semiconductors’ i.MX 8M Mini Applications Processors
04/24 Vishay New Vishay Intertechnology LVAC Power Capacitors With ESTAspring Are Industry’s First to Feature Lever-Operated Spring Terminal Connection
04/24 TT Electronics TT Electronics introduces Thermal Jumper Chip for enhanced temperature rise management
04/24 AVX AVX Releases the First Wire-to-Board RF Coaxial IDC Connectors for Industrial & Automotive Applications
04/24 Fujitsu Semiconductor Fujitsu adds resistive touch panels with over 50 percent less input force
04/24 Mean Well Enterprises RPS-120S Series High Efficiency Miniaturized 3”x2” Medical Grade Open Frame Power Supply
04/24 CTS CTS Announces Release of Small Packaged Differential Clock Oscillator
04/23 TE Connectivity New Product: Split Banding Ring
04/23 STMicroelectronics MEMS Chip Combines Accelerometer with High-Accuracy Temperature Sensor for Superior Precision
04/23 Micron Micron Introduces New Series of High-Performance NVMe SSDs for Cloud and Enterprise Markets
04/19 Mean Well Enterprises XLG-75/100 Series 75/100W LED Power Supply
04/18 Diodes Incorporated ReDriver from Diodes Incorporated Boosts Signal Quality of High-Speed PCIe 4.0 Interfaces
04/18 Renesas Electronics Renesas Electronics Ships First Plastic Packaged, Radiation-Tolerant PWM Controller and GaN FET Driver for New Space SmallSats
04/18 ROHM Semiconductor ROHM’s New PrestoMOS Series of 600V Super Junction MOSFETs Enables Improved Energy Savings for Inverters in AC Systems
04/17 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology’s New FRED Pt Gen 5 1200 V Hyperfast and Ultrafast Rectifiers Reduce Conduction and Switching Losses
04/17 Allegro Latest LED Driver Family Eliminates PWM Audible Noise with Patented Control Method
04/16 Mean Well Enterprises KSC Series KNX Line Coupler
04/16 AKM Semiconductor AKM develops a 14-bit, ±0.1° angle accuracy, absolute magnetic rotation angle sensor with support for off-axis configuration
04/15 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Optocouplers in Space-Saving DIP-6 and SMD-6 Packages Offer 800 V Off-State Voltage for High Robustness and Noise Isolation
04/11 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology WSBS Power Metal Strip® Shunt Resistors With NiCr Resistive Element and Unique Termination Design Increase Accuracy With Improved RTC Performance
04/10 TT Electronics TT Electronics introduces new gate drive transformers for demanding battery management systems
04/09 STMicroelectronics Programmable 12-channel RGB-LED Driver Enhances Lighting Effects for Smart Devices and Wearables
04/09 Omnivision New OmniVision Automotive Image Sensor Provides Industry’s Smallest Package and Best Value for Cabin Monitoring Segment
04/08 AVX AVX Releases the First Multilayer Varistor Transient Voltage Suppressors Rated for 175°C Operation
04/08 Altera Intel, Netflix to Deliver AV1 Scalable Codec to Power Next-Gen Compression Tech for Visual Workloads
04/05 CTS CTS Announces New Automotive and Industrial Grade Clock Oscillators
04/04 Renesas Electronics Renesas Electronics Launches Touch-Free UI Solutions with Capacitive Touch-Key Microcontrollers For 2D/3D Gesture Control
04/03 Mean Well Enterprises UMP-400 Series 400W Slim and Modularizable Fan-less Power Supply
04/02 Maxim Integrated Maxim Unveils Smallest, Most Power-Efficient Dual IO-Link Transceiver with DC-DC Regulator and Surge Protection
04/01 Cypress Semiconductor DENSO Selects Cypress Semper Fail-Safe Storage for Next-Generation Automotive Applications
03/29 Diodes Incorporated New Dual LDO with High PSRR and Low Quiescent Current from Diodes Incorporated is Aimed at Primary Cell Applications
03/28 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Launches Sensorless Control Pre-driver IC for Automotive BLDC Motors
03/28 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba’s New Semiconductor Company Will Strengthen Solution Proposals and Bring Greater Efficiency to R&D
03/27 AVX AVX Is Presenting & Exhibiting at CMSE 2019
03/26 IDT IDT Launches ClockMatrix Family of Timing Devices to Accelerate Wireless Carriers’ 5G Network Migration
03/21 Avago / Broadcom Broadcom Announces Industry Leading Automotive Multilayer Ethernet Switches and Production Availability of Industry’s First IEEE Compliant 1000BASE-T1 PHY
03/20 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba’s New Small Surface Mount LDO Regulators Lower Power Consumption and Bring Longer Operating Times to Battery-driven Devices
03/19 Abracon New ASAKMP Miniature 32 kHz Crystal Oscillator Now Available
03/18 Bourns Inc. Bourns Announces New AEC-Q101-Compliant TVS Diode Products
03/18 Kyocera Industrial Ceramics KYOCERA Launches 0.5mm-Pitch FPC/FFC Connectors with World‘s Highest Pin Count for High-Speed Transmission
03/18 TT Electronics Fibre-optic transmitters engineered for shorter lead times from TT Electronics Optek
03/14 Exar MaxLinear to Showcase New Switch Mode DC/DC Dual 13A Power Module at APEC 2019
03/14 Eaton Eaton 5P lithium-ion UPS enhances business continuity for distributed IT and edge computing environments
03/12 Bridgelux Rise and Shine with Bridgelux Thrive
03/11 Panasonic ERJ-D1 & ERJ-D2 Series Resistors
03/06 AKM Semiconductor AKM develops a high quality sound D/A converter dedicated to true wireless earphones
03/05 ams Compact ams time-to-digital converter provides high precision in optical ranging and 3D scanning
03/04 Littelfuse Littelfuse SIDACtor® Protection Thyristor Safeguards CVBS Signal Lines Against Damaging Overvoltage Transients
02/28 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Launches One-Gate Logic with Single Power Supply Supporting Low Voltage Operation
02/26 Lumileds Lumileds Announces LUXEON IR ONYX, a Broadband Infrared Emitter for Hyperspectral Imaging Applications
02/21 ROHM Semiconductor ROHM‘s New High-Reliability 1608-Size White Chip LED
02/20 Murata Power Solutions PMBus 600W DOSA Compliant, Digital 1/4 Brick DC-DC Converter
02/19 TE Connectivity New Product: CII FCC-360 Series Contactor
02/13 ON Semiconductor ON Semiconductor Introduces the RSL10 Sensor Development Kit for Power-Optimized IoT Applications
02/12 CTS CTS Introduces Piezoelectric Curved Shape Components
02/11 TE Connectivity New Product: Ethernet Jacks with Integrated Magnetics and PoE
02/06 Fujitsu Semiconductor Shaw Communications and Fujitsu Increase the Capacity and Scalability of Shaw’s Fibre-Optic Network
02/05 Epson Epson Debuts New Pro L Interchangeable-Lens Laser Projectors at ISE 2019
02/02 NVE NVE Introduces World’s First TMR Smart Angle Sensor
01/31 Renesas Electronics Renesas Electronics Expands RX24T and RX24U Microcontroller Lineup for High-Temperature-Tolerant Motor Control Applications
01/30 TE Connectivity TE News: TE Connectivity M8M12 Cable Assemblies for Sensors and Actuators
01/28 Maxim Integrated Maxim’s Highly Integrated, Single-Chip Security Solutions Offer Simple Implementation While Safeguarding Sensitive IoT Data
01/25 OSRAM Opto Semiconductors One step ahead in human-machine interaction with eye tracking
01/24 Cypress Semiconductor Cypress Advances Premium Automotive Infotainment User Experience with Wi-Fi 6 Connectivity Solution
01/23 Bourns Inc. Bourns to Showcase Advanced Sensors and Components that Meet Broad Medical Application Requirements at MD&M West 2019
01/22 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Expands Ethernet Bridge IC Lineup for Automotive and Industrial Applications
01/21 TT Electronics TT Electronics to Shocase Its Latest Portfolio of High-Reliability Electromagnetic Solutions at MD&M
01/21 Diodes Incorporated DC-DC Buck Converters from Diodes Incorporated Enable Best-In-Class EMI Performance with Ultra-Low Quiescent Current
01/17 Pulse Electronics New JXR8 Pin-in-Paste Tab Down Series Ethernet Connector Modules
01/16 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Extends 715CxxKT Series of Ceramic Screw-Mounting Disc Capacitors With Voltages to 50 kVDC (34 kVRMS)
01/16 Xilinx Xilinx Technology to Power Baidu Brain Edge AI Applications
01/15 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics STM8L050 Extends Choice and Freedom in 8-bit Microcontrollers, with Rich Analog and DMA in Low-Cost 8-pin Package
01/15 Allegro Allegro MicroSystems launches most advanced transmission speed sensor ICs
01/10 TE Connectivity TE News: TE Connectivity M12 range with connectors for PCBs and panels
01/09 Semtech Semtech,s LoRa Technology Leveraged in YoSmart,s Internet of Things Applications for Enterprise and Commercial Buildings
01/08 TDK MEMS Sensors: TDK announces new Chirp SonicTrack™ inside-out 6-DoF ultrasonic controller tracking solution for all-in-one VR
01/08 Renesas Electronics Renesas Electronics’ 32-bit RX65N Microcontrollers with Advanced Security and Graphics Achieves Amazon FreeRTOS Qualification
01/07 Cree Cree and STMicroelectronics Announce Multi-Year Silicon Carbide Wafer Supply Agreement
01/07 ON Semiconductor ON Semiconductor and 3M Collaborate to Improve Roadway Safety
01/04 Omnivision New OmniVision Image Sensor Enables High-Quality Video for Smartphones
01/03 Seoul Semiconductor Seoul Semiconductors SunLike Series Natural Spectrum LEDs Adopted by JingDong for New LED Desk Lamps in China
01/03 OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Osram and GaN Systems introduce ultrafast laser driver with high-power, multi-channel for LiDAR
01/02 NVE NVE Introduces World,s First TMR Smart Angle Sensor
01/02 Qorvo Qorvo® Module Enables Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything Trials by Major Automakers