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12/06 Pulse Electronics New PM220X Series SMT Inductors
12/05 ON Semiconductor ON Semiconductor’s Battery-Free Smart Passive Sensors™ Win China IoT Innovation Award for Outstanding Technical Innovation
12/03 NXP Semiconductors NXP Announces Availability of AWS Greengrass Hardware Security Integration on Layerscape and i.MX Processors
11/30 Molex Molex Launches Micro-Termination Solutions
11/28 Micron Micron Highlights Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion With 2018 Benchmark Report
11/27 Johanson Technology Johanson Releases new integrated solution for Texas Instruments CC1352 chipset family
11/27 Infineon Technologies Infineon and IDEX Biometrics join forces to advance biometric card solutions
11/26 Maxim Integrated Maxim’s TRUSTECH 2018 Demo Showcases Mobile Payments Via PIN-on-Glass Technology
11/21 Abracon Abracon Presents Arrow Electronics with 2017 Largest Distributor Award
11/21 ams ams releases industry’s slimmest proximity/color sensor module for bezel-less smartphone designs
11/20 CML Microcircuits Neutronics Representative Agreement
11/20 Epson Epson Introduces Cornerstone Print as a Service Program for Resellers Ideal for Small and Medium Sized Businesses
11/19 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Testing Laboratory Meets Global Standard, Receive ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation
11/14 TDK 3D position Hall sensor product line with unique stray field compensation
11/12 Everlight Electronics EVERLIGHT Demonstrates Smart Automotive and Infrared Products at Electronica 2018
11/07 Micron Micron Announces Mass Production of Industry is Highest-Capacity Monolithic Memory for Mobile Applications
10/22 Rubycon 2018 Miniaturization technology of aluminum electrolytic capacitor for power input
10/09 Pulse Electronics New 1×1 Top Entry J1V Series Ethernet Connector Modules
09/27 TDK New sensor programming tool for Hall-effect sensors
09/25 Atmel New Digital Signal Controller (DSC) Accelerates DSP Performance for Time-Critical Control Applications
09/24 Omnivision OmniVision Announces Cost-Effective, High-Resolution Global Shutter Image Sensors for Machine Vision Applications
09/20 Luminus Devices Cannabis Market Will Achieve New Growth With Horticulture COB LEDs
09/20 TDK-Lambda Power supply product: TDK developed 600W convection cooled AC-DC power supply GXE600, featuring digital communication interface
09/18 Texas Instruments (TI) Industry is first 200-W and 100-W USB Type-C™ and USB Power Delivery controllers with fully integrated power paths simplify designs
09/17 Analog Devices (ADI) 98% Efficient Bidirectional Buck-Boost Controller for 12V-12V Redundant Battery Systems in Autonomous Vehicles
09/13 Diodes Incorporated Bidirectional Buffer from Diodes Incorporated Provides Automatic Connection and Isolation for Serial Busses in Hot-Swap Environment
09/12 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics and Biricha Digital Power Cooperate to Implement Digital Power Supplies on STM32 MCUs
09/11 Vishay Precision Group VPG Foil Resistors Introduces Ultra-High Precision Molded Surface Mount Resistor with Z1 Foil Technology and Flexible Terminations
09/05 Alps Electric Alps Electric Develops Dual Output Brake Pedal Position Sensor
09/05 IDT Samsung Uses IDT’s Industry-Leading Wireless Power Solutions for New Galaxy Note9 Smartphone and Galaxy Watch
09/05 STMicroelectronics TomTom and STMicroelectronics to Offer Innovative Geolocation-Based Tools and Services
09/05 Eaton Eaton boosts safety and productivity in mobile machines with boom stability control technology
09/04 TDK EMC components: High-current noise suppression filters for audio lines
09/04 Renesas Electronics Successful Testing of Productivity Improvements Provided by Renesas AI Unit Solution at GE Healthcare Japan’s Hino Factory
09/04 NXP Semiconductors NXP Announces New Cost-Effective i.MX RT Crossover Processors
09/04 IDT IDT Announces New Sensor Connectivity Kit for IoT Applications
08/29 Murata Manufacturing Murata Adds Functionality to SimSurfing Design Support Software
08/29 AVX High-Temp Max-Cap Wet Tantalum Supercapacitors now Rated for Maximum Operating Temperatures of 175°C
08/27 Rubycon Aug 27, 2018 PMLCAP Goes To Mars With InSight.
08/27 STMicroelectronics New STSPIN Motor Drivers from STMicroelectronics Deliver Simplicity with Flexibility for Low- to Mid-Power Applications
08/23 TT Electronics Compact, surface-mount IR LED emitter from TT Electronics generates uniform, parallel light output for high-precision applications
08/22 NJR / JRC New JRC has developed a RF Power Amplifier NJG1330 for transmission that contributes to low power consumption of communication equipment
08/21 IDT IDT and Steradian Semiconductors Announce Strategic Partnership to Deliver Ultra-High Resolution 4D RADAR Imaging Solution for Industrial, Security and Autonomous Vehicle Applications
08/21 Cree Cree Optimizes LED Technology for the Connected Lighting Future
08/20 Xilinx Xilinx Unveils its Vision for the Future of Computing, Details New Programmable Engine Fabric and Multiple AI Technologies
08/15 Xilinx Xilinx FPGAs for AI Acceleration, Achieves 5X Performance/16X Performance-per-watt over
08/14 Eaton Eaton increases building operating efficiencies and energy savings with advanced linear LED technology
08/14 Peregrine pSemi Announces World’s First Monolithic, SOI Wi-Fi Front-end Module
08/13 STMicroelectronics Plug-and-Play Wireless-Charging Kit from STMicroelectronics Creates Ultra-Compact Chargers for Wearables and IoT Devices
08/13 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology High Temperature IHSR Inductor Offers Higher Current Density for Multi-Phase Power Supplies
08/09 Diodes Incorporated Highly Configurable DC-DC Converter with Integrated H-Bridge from Diodes Incorporated
08/07 TDK EMC components: Multilayer chip beads with high rated currents
08/07 E-T-A The Smart Electronic Protection System for Industry 4.0
08/06 Vishay New Vishay Intertechnology Mica Grid Resistors Offer Improved Power Capacity, Weight, and Watt Density Over Stainless Steel Devices
08/06 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics Expands Presence in Ultrasound Market with High-Performance 16-Channel Pulser
08/03 NXP Semiconductors NXP Expands i.MX RT Crossover Processor Portfolio with Powerful New Capabilities for Edge Node Computing
08/02 Johanson Technology Johanson Release Small LTE Cellular Antenna for IoT Applications
08/02 Cree New Wolfspeed Silicon Carbide Semiconductors First to Meet Automotive AEC-Q101 Standards
08/01 Atmel Create High-Resolution Audio Devices Using Microchip’s New Bluetooth® Audio SoC with Sony’s LDAC™ Technology
07/31 Pulse Electronics New High Current, Low Profile SMT Inductors
07/31 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Develops 40V N-channel Power MOSFETs with Improved Thermal Performance
07/25 Xilinx Xilinx Reports Record Quarterly Revenues And EPS; Raises Fiscal Year 2019 Guidance
07/24 Bourns Inc. Bourns Introduces New AEC-Q101 Compliant TBU® High-Speed Protectors for Automotive Battery Sensing/Balancing Applications
07/24 Analog Devices (ADI) 60V Low IQ Buck Controller Plus 4-Channel 8A Configurable Buck DC/DCs
07/24 TDK EMC components: Current-compensated ring core chokes for 800 V DC
07/23 Linear Technology Analog Devices’ Self-Calibrating Energy Metering IC Simplifies Embedded Electricity Measurement
07/19 Microchip Technology Reduce Costs and Bill of Materials with Single Power Monitoring IC
07/19 Seoul Semiconductor Seoul Semiconductor Delivers Its Innovative LED
07/18 Linear Technology Wideband Microwave Synthesizer Delivers Industry Leading Phase Noise, Output Power and Spur Performance with Operation from 55 MHz to 15 GHz
07/17 Maxim Integrated Maxim PMICs Drive Optimized Power for Automotive ADAS Functions
07/17 AVX AVX Extends its Range of Space-Level ESCC QPL 3009/041 X7R BME MLCCs with Two New Case Sizes
07/17 TDK Film capacitors: Robust 3-phase filter capacitors
07/16 Micron Micron and Intel Announce Update to 3D XPoint™ Joint Development Program
07/11 AVX AVX Releases Unique Three-Piece STRIPT™ Contact System for Linear LED & Coplanar PCB Connections
07/11 Semtech Semtech Releases New Product for nanoSmart® Platform to Support LoRa-based Applications
07/10 Atmel Reduce Driver Distraction with Automotive-Qualified 3D Gesture Recognition Controller
07/10 Texas Instruments (TI) New DLP Pico™ controllers enable precision light control and high image quality in compact, mass-market applications
07/09 STMicroelectronics New Precision MEMS Sensor from STMicroelectronics Supports Accurate Positioning and Control for Cars
07/05 ROHM Semiconductor New CMOS Op-Amp Delivers Leading-Class* Low Noise
07/05 Mini-Circuits Summer Savings on Class-A 100W Amplifiers, 50 to 250 MHz
07/05 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Announces New Analog Output IC Photocoupler for Automotive Applications
07/02 Rubycon Conductive Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor (Hybrid Type) 150ºC, High Ripple Current PLV siries
07/02 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Expands Offering of Power Modules in the SOT-227 Package Featuring MOSFETs and Standard, FRED Pt®, and TMBS® Diodes
06/28 Microchip Technology Increase Functionality in Sensor Nodes with New 8-bit tinyAVR® MCUs
06/28 Atmel Increase Functionality in Sensor Nodes with New 8-bit tinyAVR® MCUs
06/27 Analog Devices (ADI) Analog Devices Unveils Industry’s Most Advanced Biological and Chemical Sensing Interface IC
06/27 ams ams launches new sensors for smart home devices that optimize brightness in any lighting condition
06/26 AKM Semiconductor New update to AKM’s High Resolution Audio Dedicated Processors
06/26 Analog Devices (ADI) Analog Devices’ Integrated Optical Module Reduces Smoke Detector False Alarms and Meets New Regulatory Standards
06/26 Xilinx Xilinx and Daimler to Develop Ultra-Efficient AI Solutions for Future Mercedes-Benz Models
06/25 CTS CTS Launches Sulfur Resistant Chip Resistor Arrays Product Line
06/20 TDK Power supply product: Addition of dual output model to isolated DC-DC converter CCG Series
06/20 Skyworks Solutions High Power 2.4 GHz Front-end Module for 802.11ac Applications
06/19 AKM Semiconductor AKM releases a 6ch A/D converter for microphones suitable for automotive active noise cancellation
06/18 Bourns Inc. Bourns SinglFuse Product Line Announces New High Inrush Current Withstanding Thin Film SMD Fuses Model SF-0603HIxxxF Series
06/14 Renesas Electronics Renesas Electronics Updates Model-Based Development Environment to Significantly Ease Software Development Burdens for Multicore Automotive Control Microcontrollers
06/13 CML Microcircuits DE70322T AIS Class B Demonstrator
06/12 Peregrine pSemi GaN FET Driver Delivers Fast Switching to Solid-state LiDAR Systems
06/12 AKM Semiconductor AKM releases a low-noise LDO with high precision monitoring and self-diagnostic functions for ADAS and autonomous driving systems
06/08 Bourns Inc. Bourns Releases Automotive Grade Shielded Power Inductor Series Model SRR4528A Series
06/08 Bourns Inc. Bourns Releases Six Automotive Grade High Current, Shielded Power Inductor Series Model SRP4020FA, SRP4030FA, SRP5030CA, SRP6030CA, SRP6050CA and SRP6060FA Series
06/08 Bourns Inc. Bourns Releases Automotive Grade High Current, Shielded Power Inductor Series Model SRP3012TA & SRP3020TA Series
06/08 Bourns Inc. Bourns SinglFuse Product Line Announces Expansion of 0402 SMD Fast Acting Precision Thin Film Fuses Model SF-0402FPxxxF Series
06/08 Bourns Inc. Bourns Releases New Gas Discharge Tube
06/07 NVE NVE Corporation Launches Low-Power Isolator Family Typical total quiescent current only 0.3 milliamps per channel
06/05 Winbond Winbond introduced the industry is most high-speed Serial NAND Flash
06/05 TDK Film capacitors: Compact and robust AC filter capacitors
06/05 AKM Semiconductor AKM releases Fractional-N PLL synthesizer with VCO. Includes the ability to replace variable capacitance diode configurations
06/05 Analog Devices (ADI) Analog Devices’ Isolated Power Converters Support Class B System EMI Levels
06/04 Spansion Cypress USB-C Power Delivery Controller Now Available for Use in Thunderbolt™ 3 Designs
06/01 Mean Well Enterprises MSP-1000 Series 1000W High Performance Medical Power Supply
05/29 TDK EMC filters: Compact, high-performance 3-line EMC filters
05/29 Maxim Integrated Maxim Provides Industry’s First True Fault Protection Solution for High-Speed USB Ports and Industrial Voltage Applications
05/25 JRC / NJR New JRC Introduces a Rail-to-Rail Input/Output Operational Amplifier NJU77552 with Wideband and Very Low Power Consumption for Power Saving of IoT devices
05/24 Mean Well Enterprises HVGC-650 Series 650W Wide Range Input Constant Power Mode LED Driver
05/23 STMicroelectronics Highly Integrated Quad Low-Side Switch from STMicroelectronics Presents Rich Diagnostics for Smart Automation
05/22 Epson
05/18 Bourns Inc. Bourns Releases New Fast-Acting Precision & Time-Lag
05/17 Bourns Inc. Bourns Adds New Voltages
05/16 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Releases Photorelay for Factory Automation and Other Industrial Applications
05/16 Mean Well Enterprises RSDW/RDDW20 Series 20W Encapsulated Module Type Railway DC/DC Converter
05/16 Analog Devices (ADI) Analog Devices’ Plug-and-Play Antenna Chip Simplifies Phased Array Radar for Avionics and Communications Equipment Designers
05/14 Maxim Integrated Maxim‘’s Digital Class D Speaker Amplifiers Deliver the Highest Efficiency in a Compact, Cost-Effective Plug-and-Play Solution
05/11 Mean Well Enterprises HRPG-1000 1000W Parallel High Performance Power Supply
05/10 AKM Semiconductor AKM develops new D/A converter with headphone amplifier, the AK4377, enabling DSD playback on smartphones
05/10 Samsung Electro-Mechanics Renesas Electronics Introduces ISL91302B, ISL91301A, and ISL91301B Multiphase PMICs with Highest Efficiency and Smallest Footprint
05/08 Mean Well Enterprises FDLC-100 Series 100W Constant Power Output LED Driver
05/08 Bourns Inc. Bourns Introduces New TVS Diode Series for Protecting Automotive High-Speed Communication Lines Model CDSOD323-TxxC-DSLQ Series
05/08 TDK Flash Storages: Embedded SD/SSD and M.2 2280 type SSD
05/07 Littelfuse High-Temperature SCR Switching Thyristors Combine Blocking Voltages Up to 600V with Current Ratings to 40A
05/07 Bourns Inc. Bourns Releases New DSL POTS Splitter
05/07 ams ams’ new XYZ color sensor offers widest dynamic range, highest sensitivity for high-end consumer and industrial applications
05/03 Mean Well Enterprises LDC-35/55/80 DA 35W/55W/80W Linear LED driver with DALI interface.
04/30 Littelfuse 500VDC SMD Fuse Optimized for Electric Vehicle Applications Offers Short-Circuit Protection Up to 1500A
04/27 Bourns Inc. Bourns SinglFuse Product Line Announces New 0603 SMD Fast Acting Precision Thin Film Fuses Model SF-0603FPxxxF Series
04/26 Panasonic HT Series Consumer Plus SD Cards
04/26 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Shipping Samples of Motor Driver IC with High-Definition Micro Stepping
04/25 Panasonic PAN9026 Series Wi-Fi Dual Band 2.4/5 GHz & Bluetooth® Module
04/20 Bourns Inc. Bourns SinglFuse Product Line Announces New SMD Time Lag, Fast Acting, and Fast Acting Precision Wire Core Fuses Model SF-2410SPxxxW, SF-2410FxxxW & SF-2410FPxxxW Series
04/19 TDK-Lambda Power factor correction: PQvar™ boosts energy efficiency and ensures load balancing
04/19 TDK-Lambda Power factor correction: PQvar™ boosts energy efficiency and ensures load balancing
04/19 Bourns Inc. Bourns Announces the Release of New Miniature Resettable Thermal Cutoff Devices Model AC Series
04/19 Mean Well Enterprises DRP-3200 & DPU-3200 Series~3200W digitalized 1U slim size parallelable high efficiency power supply (with PFC)
04/17 TDK Multilayer ceramic chip capacitors: Soft-termination MLCCs with low ESR
04/16 TDK Power supply product: 300-1000VDC input, isolated DC-DC converter TEP200-280
04/13 AKM Semiconductor AKM releases a high accuracy absolute Magnetic Rotation Angle Sensor; the AK7452 supports both Shaft-end and Off-axis detection
04/12 Mean Well Enterprises RSDW/RDDW08 & RSDW/RDDW10 Series 8W/10W Encapsulated Module Type Railway DC/DC Converter
04/10 ON Semiconductor ON Semiconductor introduces Digital Image Sensor with Class-Leading Low Light Sensitivity and Signal-Noise Ratio
04/09 Analog Devices (ADI) Analog Devices’ Tiny µModule Boost Regulator for Low Voltage Optical Systems
04/09 STMicroelectronics Highly Integrated Digital-Power Controller from STMicroelectronics Streamlines Design to Latest Efficiency and Safety Standards
04/09 ON Semiconductor ON Semiconductor Introduces First High Resolution Image Sensors with NIR+ for Improved Night Vision
04/04 Bourns Inc. Bourns Releases New ChipGuard® ESD Suppressor
04/04 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Releases Medium-voltage Photorelay in Small 4-pin SO6 Package for Factory Automation and Other Industrial Applications
04/04 STMicroelectronics Innovative Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator from STMicroelectronics Packs Big Performance in Tiny Footprint
04/03 TDK Multilayer ceramic chip capacitors: CA series of stacked MEGACAP Type MLCCs with high capacitance and low ESR
03/29 Bourns Inc. Bourns SinglFuse Product Line Announces New SMD Slow Blow Wire Core Fuses Model SF-1206SxxxW & SF-1210SxxxW Series
03/29 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba’s New Three-Phase Brushless Fan Motor Driver IC Has a Rotation Speed Control (Closed Loop Control) Function
03/29 STMicroelectronics STM32 Software Package from STMicroelectronics Brings Amazon Alexa Technology to Simple Connected Objects
03/29 Littelfuse Unidirectional TVS Diode Arrays in Smallest Footprint Available Protect I/O and Power Ports from ESD
03/28 Murata Manufacturing Introducing a new CERALOCK® utilizing base metal electrode technology
03/28 Fremont Micro Devices (FMD) EEPROM leader FT24C64B/16B- WLCSP
03/28 Diodes Incorporated Linear LED Controllers from Diodes Incorporated Deliver Efficiency and Accuracy
03/27 Lumileds Lumileds Creates Highest Flux Two-Die Mid Power LED for General Lighting, the New LUXEON 3030 2D
03/27 Johanson Technology Johanson Announces new UWB mini Antenna
03/26 Mean Well Enterprises PSPA-1000 Series 1000W High Performance Power Supply
03/23 Bourns Inc. Bourns SinglFuse Product Line Announces New SMD Fast-Acting Precision Thin Film Fuses Model SF-0402FPxxxF Series
03/21 Maxim Integrated Maxim is Himalaya uSLIC Solution, the Industry is Smallest Power Modules, Revolutionizes Design for Highly Space-Constrained Applications
03/20 Mean Well Enterprises LDC-35/80 Series Flicker Free Constant Power Output Linear Metal Case LED Driver with 3in 1 dimming (with PFC)
03/19 Xilinx Xilinx CEO Outlines New Vision, Strategy For The Company
03/19 Xilinx Xilinx CEO Outlines New Vision, Strategy For The Company
03/19 Bourns Inc. Bourns Fixed Resistor Product Line Announces New Ultra-low Lead Content Thick Film Chip Resistor Series Model CR-PF Series
03/15 Seoul Semiconductor Seoul Semiconductor Launches the World’s Smallest LED Driver Developed for Japan Lighting Market
03/14 Exar MaxLinear’s MxL7704 Power Management IC Powers the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
03/13 TDK Inductors: Miniaturized transponder coil with high sensitivity for tire pressure monitoring systems
03/13 Lumileds Lumileds Delivers up to 48% Higher “Punch” than Competitors in Broadest Color Choices
03/13 Diodes Incorporated 60V/1A Buck LED Driver from Diodes Incorporated adds Dimming for Commercial Lighting
03/13 IDT IDT Completes 200G/400G Intra- and Inter- Datacenter Applications With Introduction of HXR14x00 and HXR44x00 TIAs
03/12 Renesas Electronics Renesas Electronics Ships New RV2X6376A Series of 25 Gbps Directly Modulated Laser Diodes for 4.9G and 5G LTE Base Stations
03/12 Panasonic EXC-16CT Series Common Mode Noise Filters
03/12 ON Semiconductor New AEC-Q100 Qualified Image Sensors for In-Car DVRs
03/12 ON Semiconductor X-Class 12MP and 4K UHD image sensors for industrial cameras
03/12 Littelfuse Automotive-Qualified TVS Diode Arrays Protect CAN BUS Lines from Damage Due to ESDs, EFTs, and Other Voltage Transients
03/12 IXYS-IC New Low Cost Dual 5A Gate Driver IC
03/12 Avago Technologies Broadcom Introduces the Industry’s First 5G Radio Switch
03/09 Murata Manufacturing New 1W regulated SMT DC-DC converter
03/09 Bourns Inc. Bourns SinglFuse Product Line Announces New SMD Time Lag Multilayer Chip Fuses - Model SF-0603SPxxxM and Model SF-1206SPxxxM Series
03/08 Mean Well Enterprises DDR-120 Series 120W DIN Rail DC/DC Converter
03/07 TT Electronics Common mode chokes from TT Electronics are ideal for automotive EPS noise suppression applications
03/06 TDK Film capacitors: Ultra-compact DC link solution
03/06 TDK Film capacitors: Ultra-compact DC link solution
03/06 ON Semiconductor Highest Resolution 35 mm CCD Image Sensor for Surveillance
03/05 Mean Well Enterprises SCWN/DCWN06 Series ~6W Encapsulated Module Type DIP24 DC/DC Converter
03/05 Bourns Inc. Bourns Releases New ChipGuard® ESD Protector - Model CG0201MLC-05H
03/05 Eaton Eaton announces 3.0-volt XT supercapacitor for increased high-power, high-energy application
03/01 TDK Transformers: Powerful transformers for PoE++
02/27 Allegro Allegro MicroSystems, LLC introduces its first integrated, high sensitivity, current sensor IC for <5 AMP applications
02/27 Texas Instruments (TI) New robust, noise-immune capacitive-sensing MCUs from TI bring touch control to cost-sensitive industrial applications
02/27 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Announces New 2TB Hard Disk Drive for Client Storage Applications
02/27 Winbond Winbond introduces new class of high-quality NAND Flash to provide lower cost alternative to NOR Flash for code storage in mission-critical applications
02/27 NXP Semiconductors NXP Expands i.MX RT Crossover Processor Portfolio with Powerful New Capabilities for Edge Node Computing
02/26 Linear Technology 42V Quad Output, Triple Monolithic Synchronous Buck Converter &Boost Controller Operates from 3V to 42V Inputs
02/26 Kingbright Kingbright broadens optoelectronics portfolio with Infrared, Phototransistor and Sensor selections - IR LEDs
02/26 Altera Intel Ships Industry’s First 58G PAM4-Capable FPGA Built for Multi-Terabit Network Infrastructure and NFV
02/22 Linear Technology 300MHz to 9GHz High Linearity I/Q Demodulator Supports 1GHz Bandwidth & Achieves up to 60dB Image Rejection
02/22 Bourns Inc. Bourns Releases New Gas Discharge Tube - Model 2033 Series Stacked GDT
02/22 Pulse Electronics New Automotive Grade Series of Molded Inductors: PA4346 & PA4349
02/21 Linear Technology 6A Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Converter with PMBus Interface Enables ±25% Voltage Margining with 0.1% Resolution
02/21 Mean Well Enterprises SCW20 Series 20W Encapsulated Module Type DIP24 DC/DC Converter
02/21 OSRAM Opto Semiconductors New infrared LED from Osram for 2D facial recognition
02/21 ROHM Semiconductor New High-Speed Optical Heart Rate Sensor Optimized for Measuring Blood Pressure, Stress and Vascular Age
02/20 TT Electronics Highly reliable metal alloy resistors from TT Electronics are AEC-Q200 qualified
02/19 Murata Manufacturing Murata introduces 1210-inch common mode choke coils for use with 100Base-T1 and A2B®
02/14 Mean Well Enterprises SPD-20HP Series 20kA High Performance Surge Protection Device
02/14 Diodes Incorporated Microprocessor Supervisory Circuit from Diodes Incorporated Monitors System Voltage with Programmable Delay
02/13 Allegro Allegro MicroSystems, LLC has announced a family of unique 2D Hall-effect speed and direction sensor ICs
02/13 Mean Well Enterprises LDC-55 Series Flicker Free Constant Power Output Linear Metal Case LED Driver with 3in 1 dimming (with PFC)
02/13 TDK EMC components: Compact automotive feedthrough filter with highest capacitance
02/13 Allegro Designed for Use in a Wide Range of Motors, Loads, and Applications
02/12 Linear Technology 150VIN & VOUT Synchronous 4-Switch Buck-Boost Controller with Integrated Switching Bias Supply
02/08 Mean Well Enterprises DDR-15/30/60 Series 15~60W Din Rail DC/DC Converter
02/06 Mean Well Enterprises LHP-200 Series~200W High Efficiency Slim Power Supply
02/06 Murata Manufacturing Murata introduces 0201 inch audio line noise filter for smart phones
02/05 Bourns Inc. Bourns Releases New 24 mm Long Life Potentiometer - Model PDF241
02/02 AKM Semiconductor AKM has developed a transmit-only IC with no need for programming for Bluetooth® Low Energy; the AK1594 has been adopted by HOUWA SYSTEM DESIGN K.K. for beacons
01/31 CTS CTS Adds New 222J/K/L/M/P/S and 223J Series Waterproof Tact Switches and announces intent to add Illuminated Tact Switches
01/30 Allegro Allegro MicroSystems, LLC announces a new package offering for the two-wire, zero speed differential wheel speed sensor IC
01/30 ROHM Semiconductor New Boost Converter Provides 1.3x Longer Battery Life
01/29 Littelfuse TVS Diode Arrays from Littelfuse Protect Sensitive Telecom Ports from ESD, Lightning-Induced Surges
01/29 Renesas Electronics Renesas Electronics Expands RX130 MCU Lineup to Enhance Functionality for Touch-Based Home Appliances and Industrial Automation Applications
01/29 Texas Instruments (TI) Developers can maximize efficiency in cost-sensitive power-control applications with new additions to TI’s C2000 Piccolo microcontroller portfolio
01/29 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation Releases Small Dual MOSFET for Relay Drivers
01/26 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation Introduces SOI Process with Low Noise Figure for Low-Noise RF Amplifiers for Smartphones
01/25 ROHM Semiconductor New Ultra-Low-Ohmic Shunt Resistors for Automotive Systems and Industrial Equipment
01/25 Littelfuse Littelfuse® Develops PulsedWave Guide™ (PWG™) Sensor
01/24 AVX AVX Expands its 0805 High-Performance, Low Pass LP Series Integrated Thin Film Filters by Elevenfold
01/24 Panasonic ETQ-P3MxxxHFx Series Power Choke Coils
01/23 IDT IDT Expands Award-Winning VersaClock Family of Programmable Clock Generators with New VersaClock 6E
01/23 Eaton New Eaton recloser technology supports more intelligent grid to enhance service reliability
01/23 Lumileds Lumileds Achieves Performance Breakthrough on LUXEON 5050 and Enables DLC Premium Fixtures for Outdoor and Industrial Markets
01/23 Bourns Inc. Bourns Adds New Rectifier Chip Diode Products
01/23 Bourns Inc. Bourns Introduces New AEC-Q101 Compliant TVS Diode Products for Automotive Applications
01/23 TDK EMC components: Compact noise suppression filters for LED lighting
01/22 AVX New Accu-L® Series Thin Film Chip Inductors for Automotive Signal & Power Applications
01/22 Linear Technology Control VOUT of Any DC/DC Regulator with a Serial PMBus Interface
01/22 Mean Well Enterprises FDLC-80 Series 80W Constant Power Output LED Driver
01/19 AKM Semiconductor AKM has developed a world-class* low power consumption voltage detector; the AP4410 is ideal for Energy Harvesting Devices, LIC’s, EDLC’s and small LiB’s
01/18 Nichicon NICHICON Launches the UXY Series of Vibration-Resistant,Lead-Type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
01/17 Murata Manufacturing Murata introduces compact, high-current 0806 size Metal Alloy inductors for automotive
01/17 Linear Technology Low Power Active Mixer Delivers 7GHz Bandwidth & 20dBm OIP3
01/17 AVX AVX Releases High-Value Resistors
01/16 AVX AVX Extends its Space-Qualified ESCC QPL 3009 Series With New 200V X7R PME MLCCs
01/16 Allegro New ISO 26262 / ASIL-D Power Management IC for Automotive Control Units
01/16 ams ams extends digital multispectral offerings with AS7265x compact 18-channel chipset
01/15 CML Microcircuits New Release - CMX975 RF Building Block - 2.7GHz Up/Down Converter
01/15 Littelfuse Expanded SiC Schottky Diode Line from Littelfuse Reduces Switching Losses, Increases Efficiency and Robustness
01/12 Panasonic New APS1 and APS2 Series PhotoIC Coupler AIGaAs LED & PhotoIC (20 Mbps Transfer Rate)
01/12 Panasonic New EEU-FS Series Radial Leaded Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
01/12 Panasonic XE Series SDXC Memory Card
01/12 Panasonic B02 Series
01/11 Panasonic OS-CON™ SEK Series Capacitors Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Capacitor Radial Lead Type
01/11 Panasonic ERJ-UP6 Series Anti-Sulfurated Thick Film Chip Resistors, Anti-Surge Type
01/11 IDT IDT Unveils Wireless Sensor Hub Evaluation Kit for IoT, Smart Home and Other Applications Requiring Real-Time Sensor Data
01/11 Littelfuse Littelfuse SIDACtor® Protection Thyristors Provide Enhanced Surge Protection in High Exposure Environments
01/11 Murata Manufacturing Murata adds to lineup of lead type multilayer ceramic capacitors for automotive use at 175°C/200°C
01/10 ams Nuhearas Live IQ, the world’s first high performance “true wireless” ANC earbud, is powered by ams’ best in-class ANC technology
01/09 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation Unveils New-Generation 600V Planar MOSFET Series
01/09 Murata Manufacturing X1 class AC760V safety standard certified capacitor for industrial applications
01/09 Mean Well Enterprises HBG-240-DA Series~ DALI Function Circular Shape LED Power Supply for High Bay Lighting
01/09 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation Launches Two New ICs Compliant with Bluetooth® Ver.5.0
01/09 Linear Technology ADI 72V Hybrid Step-Down DC/DC Controller Reduces Solution Size by 50% Compared to Traditional Architectures
01/09 Cypress Semiconductor Cypress Brings Superior Infotainment Experience to Connected Cars
01/09 Cypress Semiconductor Cypress Introduces the Industry’s Most Advanced Automotive Touchscreen Controller
01/08 Everlight Electronics EVERLIGHT presents 5630X LED Series for Professional Commercial and Industrial Lighting Applications
01/08 Omnivision OmniVision’s New RGB-Ir Image Sensor Brings Single-sensor Biometric Applications to Mainstream Notebooks
01/08 Innolux Innolux showcases world’s first AM miniLED automotive panel to enhance color distinction
01/05 Bourns Inc. Bourns Announces the Release of the Model PSL Low Profile Motorized Slide Potentiometer
01/04 Omnivision OmniVision’s New System-in-Package Uniquely Combines Image Sensor and Processor in a Single Package for Automotive Viewing Cameras
01/04 Omnivision OmniVision’s New Flagship High-Resolution Automotive Image Sensor Combines Best-in-Class Low-light Sensitivity and Low Power Consumption
01/03 Panasonic RT-3 Series Unit Relay 4-Point Terminal
01/03 Omnivision OmniVision’s First 0.9 Micron Pixel Image Sensor Family Enables Best-in-Class Performance and Features for High-End Smartphones
01/03 Panasonic A35UH Series Board-To-FPC High Current Stacking Connectors
01/02 Allegro New Three-phase MOSFET Driver IC with On-board Regulator
01/02 Mean Well Enterprises IDLV/ IDPV-25 series ~25W Plastic Housing/PCB Type Constant Voltage Output LED Driver with PFC