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Since its establishment in 1974, OTAX Corporation has continued its growth through specialization in the production and sales of industrial switches. The Electronics Engineering Department was established in 1988 to apply its technological developments in the field of switches to other fields, leading the company into the developments of new products from sensors for medical equipment to systematized electronic equipment.

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Product Categories                                                                                                                                          

DIP switches
OTAX DIP switchesOTAX‘s DIP switches are highly reputed for their heat resistance and reliability because of an OTAX-developed "knife-edge high pressure contact mechanism" based upon proprietary technology. The unique mechanism eliminates troubles from impurity liquid by cleaning and those by a high temperature applied soldering process. With over 1,500 different types of products in its line-up, OTAX’s DIP switches continue o lead industry. More...

Power Switches
OTAX Power SwitchesOTAX Corporation offers a broad line-up of 5,000 different types of power switches including those for industrial machinery , and general-purpose, compact and rotary types. Each type has been designed for superior safety. OTAX switches have toggles, rockers, pushbuttons, levers, rotaries, built-in LED‘s and neon lamps, and include dust-proof and water-proof types. Leading products which meet minutes requirements are put into shape by sure technology based on OTAX’s rich experience. OTAX Corporation is proud of its each power switch series. 

Electronics-related products
OTAX Electronics-related productsBased on the technology acquired through the development of switches, OTAX Corporation has been researching and developing special LEDs and lasers for medical non-blood-collecting blood sensors and blood analyzing systems and control systems for senile dementia patients. More...

Selecting Switches
OTAX Selecting SwitchesThe mostsuitable switches can be selected by understanding the level of the current and the type of the load to be applied. More...