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04/17 Toshiba Electronic Components Lineup Expansion of 150 V N-Channel Power MOSFETs in U-MOSX-H Series to Reduce Power Consumption for Power Supplies
04/17 AVX KYOCERA AVX Launches Two New Snap-In Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Series
04/10 Toshiba Electronic Components 4500 V/1500 A New Press Pack IEGT that Helps to Reduce the Size and Power Consumption for High-Voltage Converters
04/09 Silicon Labs Silicon Labs xG26 Sets New Standard in Multiprotocol Wireless Device Performance
04/09 Renesas Electronics Renesas Introduces New Entry-Level RA0 MCU Series with Best-in-Class Power Consumption
04/09 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Industrial-Grade TRANSZORB® and Automotive Grade PAR® TVS Deliver Peak Pulse Power of 600 W in DFN3820A Package
04/08 Infineon Technologies Infineon expands automotive offering with programmable high voltage PSoC™ 4 HVMS family for touch-enabled HMI and other smart sensing applications
04/08 MCC Meet MCC’s 40V and 60V Auto-Grade MOSFETs with Side-Wettable Flanks
04/05 Infineon Technologies Infineon introduces the XENSIV™ Sensor Shield for Arduino with Infineon and Sensirion sensors for Smart Home applications
04/04 Infineon Technologies Infineon announces next-generation PSOC™ Edge portfolio featuring powerful AI capabilities for IoT, consumer and industrial applications
04/03 AVX New RES Series Radial-Leaded Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
04/02 Murata Manufacturing Multi-band LoRa® radio module simplifies wireless design and supply-chain management for IoT
04/02 Abracon Abracon Releases New Stamped Metal Embedded Niche Antennas Up to 8736 MHz
03/29 Yageo KEMET Launches First T581 Polymer Tantalum Surface Mount Capacitors Qualified to Military Performance Specification MIL-PRF-32700/2
03/28 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Launches SmartMCD™ Series Gate Driver ICs with Embedded Microcontroller
03/28 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics’ RS-485 transceivers combine robust signaling with superior speed for cutting-edge applications in industrial automation, smart buildings, and robotics
03/27 Winbond Winbond extends its secure flash family with new memory densities, PQC support and secure supply chain management
03/27 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology FRED Pt® 500 A Ultrafast Soft Recovery Diode Modules in the New TO-244 Gen III Package Deliver High Reliability
03/27 Infineon Technologies Infineon introduces 80 V MOSFET OptiMOS™ 7 with lowest on-resistance in the industry for automotive applications
03/27 AVX New 0201 Fuses With the Industry’s Lowest Current Ratings
03/26 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Releases Arm® Cortex®-M4 Microcontrollers for Motor Control
03/26 Renesas Electronics Renesas Introduces Industry’s First General-Purpose 32-bit RISC-V MCUs with Internally Developed CPU Core
03/26 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics reveals new family of 100V trench Schottky rectifier diodes for increased efficiency and power density
03/26 Lumileds New Philips Ultinon Classic Brings Timeless Style and LED Brightness
03/26 Infineon Technologies New SSO10T TSC top-side cooling package for power MOSFETs enables highest efficiency for modern automotive applications
03/25 AKM Semiconductor Senseair releases new module, S88, for advanced CO2 monitoring
03/21 Toshiba Electronic Components Lineup Expansion of Bipolar Transistors Suitable for Gate Drive Circuits, Current Switches, and LED Drive Circuits
03/21 Renesas Electronics New Renesas MCUs with High-Resolution Analog and Over-the-Air Update Support Help Customer Systems Conserve Energy
03/21 Diodes Incorporated Tiny, Micropower Hall-Effect Switches from Diodes Incorporated Deliver Compatibility with Low-Voltage Chipsets
03/20 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Knob Potentiometers Simplify Designs and Optimize Costs for Industrial and Audio Applications
03/20 AVX New Wet Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Qualified to Industrial Endurance Levels | AEF Series
03/19 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics reveals advanced ultra-low-power STM32 microcontrollers for industrial, medical, smart-metering, and consumer applications
03/19 MCC Engineered for Efficient Switching: MCC’s 20V Dual N-Channel MOSFET
03/18 Omnivision OMNIVISION Launches Industry’s First and Only Image Sensor with TheiaCel™ Technology for Best-in-Class HDR in High-End Smartphones
03/18 MCC Robust Power Management for Automotive & Beyond: MCC’s 100V MOSFET
03/15 MCC MCC Unleashes New AEC-Q101 Qualified, 150V N-Channel Power MOSFET
03/14 Infineon Technologies Infineon partner Thistle Technologies integrates its Verified Boot technology with Infineon’s OPTIGA™ Trust M for enhanced device security
03/14 Diodes Incorporated Industry’s First 2A Schottky Rectifiers—Available in the DSN1406 from Diodes Incorporated—are Smallest in Class
03/14 AVX New Wet Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors with Commercial-Level Endurance Ratings | AEK-Series
03/13 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Upgrades TFBS4xx and TFDU4xx Series IR Transceiver Modules With Longer Link Distance and Improved ESD Robustness
03/13 MCC Upgrade Auto Performance with MCC’s Ultra-Low RDS(on) Power MOSFETs
03/13 Infineon Technologies Infineon sets new industry standard for enhanced power density and efficiency with OptiMOS™ 6 200 V MOSFETs
03/12 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics’ high-performance microcontrollers pave the way to new innovations in smart home and industrial systems
03/12 Sharp Microelectronics Sharp Memory in Pixel Display Combines Superb Visual Detail with Low-Power Operation
03/12 Infineon Technologies Infineon’s new CoolSiC™ MOSFETs 2000 V offer increased power density without compromising system reliability
03/12 Bourns Inc. Bourns’ Latest Miniature Resettable Thermal Cutoff (TCO) Devices Feature Higher Current-Carrying Capabilities to Protect Today’s High Energy Density Batteries
03/11 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics boosts silicon power performance with automotive-grade MDmesh DM9 super-junction MOSFETs
03/07 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics powers up the intelligent edge with second-generation STM32 microprocessors, bringing performance boost and industrial resilience
03/06 Diodes Incorporated Automotive-Compliant, Three-Channel, Linear LED Driver from Diodes Incorporated Provides Independent Controls for Brightness and Color
03/06 Toshiba Electronic Components Lineup Expansion of 1700 V SiC MOSFET Module that Contributes to High Efficiency and Downsizing of Industrial Equipment
03/06 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics’ high-side switches pack intelligence and efficiency in space-saving outline
03/06 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Inrush Current Limiting PTC Thermistors Increase Performance in Active Charge and Discharge Circuits
03/06 Microchip Technology Microchip Technology Releases Next Generation of Easily Configurable Enterprise Storage Backplane Management Processors for Data Center and Storage Applications
03/05 ams ams OSRAM presents the third generation of the XLS signal lamp
03/05 Abracon Abracon Releases New Line of High-Accuracy, High-Precision GNSS RF Antennas
03/05 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics reveals high-performance, state-of-the-art wireless microcontrollers ready for incoming cyber-protection regulations
03/04 AVX New Range of Load Dump Varistors for Automotive Applications
03/01 ams OSLON® Pure 1414 from ams OSRAM: maximum flexibility and luminance, minimal size
02/29 AVX New 9159-600 Series Dual-Row, Inverted Through-Board Card-Edge Connectors
02/29 Renesas Electronics Renesas Unveils Powerful Single-Chip RZ/V2H MPU for Next-Gen Robotics with Vision AI and Real-Time Control
02/29 Yageo YAGEO launched the CE series Embedded MLCCs to meet the growing market demand
02/28 Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Kyocera Launches ‘5814 Series’ 0.3mm Pitch Board-to-Board Connector
02/28 Infineon Technologies Infineon introduces new Solid-State Isolators to deliver faster switching with up to 70 percent lower power dissipation
02/28 Bridgelux Bridgelux Introducing the Future of Lighting: Revolutionary RGBW LED Products
02/28 ams ams OSRAM unveils its new IVT sensor AS8512 for industrial battery applications e.g. in solar systems and wind power plants
02/28 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics reveals flexible synchronous rectifier for efficient silicon or GaN converters
02/28 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology 80 V Symmetric Dual MOSFET Delivers Best in Class RDS(ON) in PowerPAIR® 3x3FS to Increase Power Density, Efficiency, and Thermal Performance
02/27 Infineon Technologies Infineon advances automotive and industrial solutions with newly launched CoolSiC™ MOSFET 750 V G1 product family
02/27 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics’ new bidirectional current-sense amplifiers deliver high accuracy and low bill-of-materials in industrial and automotive applications
02/27 Qorvo Qorvo® Introduces 1200V SiC Modules in Compact E1B Package
02/26 Microchip Technology Microchip Launches New dsPIC® DSC-Based Integrated Motor Drivers that Bring Controllers, Gate Drivers and Communications to a Single Device
02/26 Power Integrations Power Integrations Launches InnoMux-2, a New Switcher IC Family With Multiple, Independently Regulated Outputs
02/22 ams ams OSRAM presents new 512-channel ADC for CT detectors
02/21 MCC MCC’s New 60V and 100V Schottky Barrier Rectifiers: Designed for Excellence
02/21 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology IGBT Power Modules in Redesigned INT-A-PAK Package Reduce Conduction and Switching Losses
02/21 Semtech Semtech Announces the Launch of the AirLink® XR60, the World’s Smallest Rugged 5G Router
02/21 AKM Semiconductor Commenced mass production of current sensors for EV, highly compatible with SiC/GaN power devices and suitable for chargers and electronic fuses
02/20 Microchip Technology Microchip Expands its mSiC™ Solutions with the 3.3 kV XIFM Plug-and-Play mSiC Gate Driver to Accelerate the Adoption of High-Voltage SiC Power Modules
02/20 MCC Above Average Performance: MCC’s New 1000V Standard Recovery Rectifier
02/20 Murata Manufacturing Murata Introduces the World’s Smallest High-Q 100V MLCC for Consumer Electronics & Industrial Equipment
02/20 Texas Instruments (TI) New portfolios from TI push the limits of power design further, help engineers achieve industry-leading power density
02/20 Bourns Inc. Bourns Unveils Shielded Power Inductor Series Designed with a Ferrite Core and Ferrite Shield for Low Magnetic Field Radiation
02/15 Bourns Inc. Bourns Expands its SinglFuse™ SMD Fuse Line with Two High Voltage/Current Model Series
02/15 Infineon Technologies Infineon introduces lower cost Bluetooth® long-range module, CYW20822-P4TAI040, for low power applications
02/14 Toshiba Electronic Components New Press Pack IEGT That Contributes to Size Reduction and Higher Output for High-Voltage Converters Such as DC Power Transmission Systems and Industrial Motor Controller
02/14 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology 30 V N-Channel MOSFET With Source Flip Technology Delivers Best in Class RDS(ON) Down to 0.71 mΩ in PowerPAK® 1212-F
02/13 MCC MCC’s New 1700V SiC MOSFET: High-Voltage Performance, Low On-Resistance
02/13 TT Electronics TT Electronics Launches LRMAH2512 High-Power Shunt Resistors
02/13 AVX New TCD Series DLA 04051 and COTS-Plus Conductive Polymer Capacitors
02/12 MCC Elevate Efficiency with MCC’s New Advanced 1200V SiC MOSFET
02/08 MCC Engineered with Precision: MCC’s 600V Super Fast Recovery Rectifiers
02/07 MCC Elevate High-Power Performance with MCC’s 650V IGBT Module
02/07 TE Connectivity Featured Product: VITA 87 High Density Circular MT Connectors
02/07 AKM Semiconductor Developed an ADC that detects glass breaking sound with power-saving 34μA for smart security sensors
02/01 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology High Speed PIN Photodiode Delivers Enhanced Sensitivity for Visible Light in Compact 2.0 mm x 1.8 mm x 0.6 mm SMD Package
01/30 Power Integrations Power Integrations Introduces InnoSwitch5 Offline Flyback Switcher IC
01/30 Murata Manufacturing New Automotive-Grade DFE2MCPH_JL Series Power Inductors Have Improved DC resistance and Current Rating
01/30 Littelfuse Littelfuse Launches SM10 Series Varistor: A Breakthrough in Automotive and Electronics Surge Protection
01/30 Diodes Incorporated Dual-Channel High-Side Switches from Diodes Incorporated Provide Robust Protection for Automotive Applications
01/30 Renesas Electronics Renesas Brings Industry-Leading Performance of RA8 Series MCUs to Motor Control Applications
01/29 Bourns Inc. Bourns Announces Zero Ohm High Power Jumper Resistor Series Offering Very Low Resistance Values
01/29 STMicroelectronics Low-offset, zero-drift op amps from STMicroelectronics deliver wide gain-bandwidth for high-accuracy sensing
01/29 AVX KYOCERA AVX Expands 9155-800 Vertical-Mate, 2.0mm-Pitch Battery Connector Series
01/25 Renesas Electronics Renesas’ New Four-Channel Video Decoder for Automotive Cameras Enables Economical Surround View Applications
01/25 TE Connectivity TE News: Compact elbow connectors designed for smaller switchgears
01/25 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology’s New Proximity Sensor Offers Idle Current Down to 5 μA in Compact 2.0 mm x 1.0 mm x 0.5 mm SMD Package
01/24 Qorvo Qorvo® Boosts Performance in 750V EV Designs with Industry-leading SiC FET in D2PAK
01/24 Microchip Technology The Next Evolutionary Step in Customizable Logic, Microchip Releases PIC16F13145 Family of MCUs
01/24 MCC MCC’s Auto-Grade 150mW Zener Diodes: 2.4V to 47V of Reliable Regulation
01/22 TE Connectivity Featured Product: VG Certification for K-Series contactors
01/22 MCC MCC Unleashes Three 1000V Bridge Rectifiers in Compact JC Package Series
01/19 MCC Introducing MCC’s High-Voltage, High-Current Bridge Rectifiers
01/19 Microchip Technology Microchip Launches 10 Multi-Channel Remote Temperature Sensors
01/18 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Upgrades TSOP18xx, TSOP58xx, and TSSP5xx Series IR Receiver Modules With New In-House IC
01/18 Littelfuse Latest Littelfuse Ultra-miniature 7 mm Reed Switches Provide High-Reliability, Longer Life Cycles
01/18 ams New SYNIOS® P1515 family of automotive signaling LEDs produce extremely homogenous and smooth appearance in RCL applications
01/18 Renesas Electronics Renesas Debuts Its Lowest Power Consumption, Dual-core Bluetooth Low Energy SoC with Integrated Flash
01/17 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics brings great graphics to tiny tech with latest energy-saving STM32 microcontrollers
01/17 Infineon Technologies Infineon launches next-generation ZVS flyback converter chipset for advanced USB-C PD adapters and chargers
01/16 Renesas Electronics Renesas Launches RZ/G3S 64-bit Microprocessor with Enhanced Peripherals for IoT Edge and Gateway Devices
01/15 Infineon Technologies XENSIV™ stray field robust linear TMR sensor enables high-precision length measurements in industrial and consumer applications
01/15 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics simplifies long-range IoT connectivity with LoRaWAN sub-1GHz STM32 SiP module
01/12 MCC Introducing Our Snap-Back ESD Protection Diodes Made for High-Speed Interfaces
01/11 Bourns Inc. Bourns Announces AEC-Q200 Compliant, Automotive Grade Shielded Power Inductors with Wide Operating Range
01/10 MCC MCC Launches Four Auto-Grade ESD Protection Diodes for Diverse Applications
01/09 Omnivision OMNIVISION Announces First 3MP SoC Image Sensor for LED Flicker-Free, High Dynamic Range Automotive Cameras
01/09 Omnivision OMNIVISION Announces High-Performance OX01J Image Sensor for Surround- and Rear-View Cameras
01/09 MCC MCC’s New Deep Snap-Back ESD Protection Diodes Pack a Punch
01/09 NXP Semiconductors NXP Extends Industry-First 28 nm RFCMOS Radar One-Chip Family to Enable ADAS Architectures for Software-Defined Vehicles
01/09 Bourns Inc. Bourns Engineers Industry’s First Planar Signal BMS Transformer
01/09 Allegro Allegro MicroSystems Expands Isolated Gate Driver Portfolio with Bipolar-Output Power-Thru IC
01/09 Murata Manufacturing Murata announces the SCH16T-K01, a next generation 6DoF inertial sensor
01/09 Peregrine(pSemi) pSemi Unveils PE562212, Its Smallest and Fully Integrated PA-LNA-SW IoT Front-End Module
01/09 Peregrine(pSemi) pSemi Introduces New Automotive-Grade Ultra-Wideband RF Switch
01/08 MCC Introducing Two Additions to Our Auto-Grade 40V N-channel MOSFET Lineup
01/08 Omnivision OMNIVISION Announces Single Chip LCOS Panel for Next-Generation Smart AR/XR/MR Glasses
01/04 Bourns Inc. Bourns Extends its Model SRP3212 Series High Current Shielded Power Inductor Family with New Compact, Low Profile Model
01/02 Bourns Inc. Bourns Adds Multifuse® PPTC Resettable Fuse Series Developed for High Operating Temperature/High Operating Current Applications
01/02 Bourns Inc. Bourns Adds Multifuse® PPTC Resettable Fuse Series Developed for High Operating Temperature/High Operating Current Applications