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11/29 Toshiba Electronic Components Lineup Expansion of Digital Isolators that Contribute to Stable High-Speed Isolated Data Transmissions in Industrial Applications
11/28 TDK TDK releases new ASIL C ready stray-field robust 3D HAL® sensors for Automotive and Industrial applications
11/27 Microchip Technology Microchip Unveils New Standard of Enhanced Code Security With the PIC18-Q24 Family of MCUs
11/22 STMicroelectronics Transmitter and receiver evaluation boards from STMicroelectronics accelerate development of Qi wireless chargers
11/22 Infineon Technologies Infineon introduces the 650 V CoolMOS™ CFD7A in QDPAK package for energy-efficient fast electric vehicle charging
11/22 AKM Semiconductor New audio DAC for XR, 32% smaller footprint, reproduces cinematic realism
11/22 Toshiba Electronic Components 400 V Small Size Switching Diode for High-Voltage Circuit
11/21 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics reveals precision digital power monitor with MIPI I3C support for optimum energy use and reliability
11/21 Murata Manufacturing World’s First 1 µF Capacitance 100 V Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor in a 1608M Size Commercialized
11/21 TDK EMC components: TDK launches noise suppression filters for audio lines of high sound quality devices
11/20 Infineon Technologies New 62mm package in Infineon’s CoolSiC™ portfolio helps engineers to achieve higher efficiency and power density
11/20 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics releases long-range wireless microcontrollers for energy-efficient connectivity in smart metering, smart building, and industrial monitoring
11/16 Infineon Technologies Infineon launches PSoC™ 4000T, an ultra-low power microcontroller with 10x higher signal-to-noise ratio performance for multi-sense applications
11/16 AVX New: Safety-Certified MLCC Capacitors
11/15 Microchip Technology To Meet And Exceed Heightened Automotive Secure Authentication Requirements, Microchip Releases Its Latest TrustAnchor Security IC
11/15 TDK TDK offers sample kit for the ERU 33 series of compact high-current chokes
11/14 Infineon Technologies Infineon extends line of radiation-hardened asynchronous static RAMs with embedded ECC for space and other extreme environment applications
11/14 Diodes Incorporated Low-Power 1.8V, 2.5Gbps, Two Data Lane ReDriver from Diodes Incorporated Supports MIPI D-PHY 1.2 Protocols
11/14 AVX New: Miniature High-Pass Thin-Film Filters
11/14 Littelfuse Littelfuse Launches FDA117 Optically Isolated Photovoltaic Driver Providing Floating Power Source for Isolated Switching Applications
11/11 Bourns Inc. Bourns Introduces Air Coil Inductor Series with High Q, High Self-Resonant Frequency and Low Inductance Values
11/09 Infineon Technologies Infineon extends its ISOFACE™ product portfolio with quad-channel digital isolators for industrial and automotive applications
11/09 Bourns Inc. Bourns Introduces Air Coil Inductor Series with High Q, High Self-Resonant Frequency and Low Inductance Values
11/09 ams Brightness boost in automotive forward lighting as ams OSRAM launches third generation of OSLON® Submount PL LEDs
11/09 Littelfuse Littelfuse Introduces SMC Automotive Grade 3kA SIDACtor for High Surge Current AC Power Line Protection
11/08 Bourns Inc. Bourns Unveils its Smallest Automatically Resettable Surface Mount Mini-breaker Device
11/08 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics’ new generation NFC controller with embedded secure element supports STPay-Mobile digital-wallet services
11/07 Toshiba Electronic Components Contributes to making power supply devices smaller and thinner with the series maximum capacity of 2,200 pF
11/07 Infineon Technologies Infineon extends microcontroller portfolio with new PSoC™ Edge family of products bringing high-performance power-efficient machine learning to the edge
11/07 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics eases development of smaller and longer-lasting smart Bluetooth devices with two new products
11/06 Yageo Moisture & sulfur resistant, Tantalum Nitride thin film, high precision chip resistor - NT series
11/02 Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Kyocera Develops Silicon Nitride Light Source for High-Performance FTIR Spectrometry
11/02 MCC MCC’s Auto-Grade Zener Diodes: Diverse Applications, Superior Performance
11/01 Murata Manufacturing New Addition of Surface Applied Type Y1 Class Safety Certified Capacitors
10/31 Renesas Electronics Renesas’ New Ultra-High Performance MCUs are Industry’s First Based on Arm Cortex-M85 Processor
10/31 TDK TDK presents world’s first SMD inrush current limiter
10/31 AVX KYOCERA AVX Multilayer Organic Filters Deliver Best-in-Class Performance in RF Applications
10/30 Power Integrations Power Integrations Releases Ground-Breaking 1250-Volt GaN Switcher IC
10/30 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics launches STSPIN9 high-current motor-drive series, revealing first highly scalable devices
10/27 Mean Well Enterprises NPB-450-NFC Series: 450W Universal Built-in NFC Intelligent Charger
10/26 MCC Meet MCC’s High-Current MOSFETs with Industrial-Strength Performance
10/26 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology SuperTan® Tantalum-Cased Wet Tantalum Capacitors Provide Military H-Level Shock and Vibration Capabilities
10/26 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Releases 600V Small Intelligent Power Devices for Brushless DC Motor Drives
10/26 AVX KYOCERA AVX Releases Gen-2 PrizmaCap Supercapacitors
10/25 MCC MCC Expands Robust Auto Portfolio with New 60V N-Channel Power MOSFETs
10/25 ams New addition to the LED retrofit lamps: ams OSRAM launches the OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER® H1-LED
10/24 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics’ dual-inline silicon-carbide power modules offer versatile package configurations for automotive applications
10/24 Mean Well Enterprises MEAN WELL Announces the Launch of An Innovative New Product Line
10/23 Infineon Technologies TRAVEO™ T2G Cluster graphics MCU family delivering MPU like performance at MCU cost for automotive graphic applications
10/23 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics protects and powers Ellipse’s industry-leading battery-free dynamic card-verification micromodules for payment cards
10/20 Mean Well Enterprises PowerNex|TJ-AG Series: Plastic Distribution Box
10/19 ams New ams OSRAM OSTAR® LEDs bring vivid colors, sharper contrast and increased brightness to mini projectors with 0.33“ DLP
10/18 MCC MCC Unveils 100V AEC-Q101 MOSFET for Enhanced Auto Performance
10/18 Mean Well Enterprises RQB60W12 Series: 60W 1/4 Brick 14~160Vdc Ultra-Wide Input Railway DC/DC Converter
10/17 Avago / Broadcom Broadcom Ships Industry’s First 5nm Single-Chip 25.6Tb/s Router To Address Growing Bandwidth and Security Demands
10/17 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics reveals high-accuracy, medium-voltage op amps for industrial and automotive sensor signal conditioning
10/17 Littelfuse Littelfuse Releases Innovative eFuse Super Capacitor Protection ICs for Backup Power Charging Applications
10/17 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Launches Small Photorelay Suitable for High-Frequency Signal Switches in Semiconductor Testers
10/16 Mean Well Enterprises HRPG-1000N3 Series: 1000W Enclosed Type Power Supply with 320% Peak Power
10/13 Mean Well Enterprises SI06W8/DI06W8 Series: 6W 1‘ x 1’ 8:1 Ultra-Wide Input Isolated DC/DC Converter
10/10 Microchip Technology New 32-bit MCU Features an Embedded Hardware Security Module to Safeguard Industrial and Consumer Applications
10/10 Littelfuse Littelfuse Launches the First Automotive Grade PolarP P-Channel Enhancement Mode Power MOSFET
10/10 Littelfuse Littelfuse Launches Its Most Compact Arc-Flash Relay for Tight Spaces
10/10 ON Semiconductor onsemi Introduces Lowest Power Image Sensor Family for Smart Home and Office
10/09 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics’ automotive power-management ICs integrate CAN FD and LIN for simpler car-body controllers
10/04 Littelfuse Littelfuse Launches Its Class J Fuse Disconnect Switch
10/04 Skyworks Solutions Skyworks Introduces New Family of Digital Radio Coprocessors for Automotive Infotainment Systems
10/03 Abracon Abracon Announces The Release of Their Brand-New Line of 2.7V & 3.0V EDLC Radial Supercapacitors
10/03 Abracon Abracon Announces The Release of Their Brand-New Line of 2.7V & 3.0V EDLC Radial Supercapacitors
10/02 Lumileds New Philips Ultinon Pro6000 Standard H7-LED Bulbs A Road-Legal, Bright New Journey Ahead
09/28 Infineon Technologies Infineon launches an Electronically-Marked Cable Assembly controller with EPR supporting protection up to 54 V for passive USB-C cables
09/28 Renesas Electronics Renesas’ New 16-bit RL78/G24 MCU Delivers Top-Class Performance for Motor Control and Power Supply Control Systems
09/27 ROHM Semiconductor New Compact VCSEL Proximity Sensor Contributes to Greater
09/26 Microchip Technology Microchip Introduces Industry’s First Low Pin Count MCU Family With I3C Support
09/26 Bourns Inc. Bourns Expands its Silicon Carbide Schottky Barrier Diode Product Family with 10 New Models
09/26 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Announces 22TB MG10F Series Hard Disk Drives
09/25 Bourns Inc. Bourns Unveils High Energy 2-Electrode GDT Family with Very High Current Ratings for AC Powerline Applications
09/25 ams New ALIYOS™ LED-on-foil technology from ams OSRAM creates unprecedented effects in automotive lighting
09/21 Littelfuse Carling Technologies Expands Hydraulic-Magnetic Circuit Protection Lineup with New R-Series DIN Rail Mount Circuit Breaker
09/20 Toshiba Electronic Components Lineup Expansion of 40 V N-Channel Power MOSFETs that Contribute to Lower Power Consumption for Automotive Equipment
09/19 Diodes Incorporated Space-Saving, High-Voltage, Dual-Output, Automotive-Compliant Hall-Effect Sensors from Diodes Incorporated Deliver Accurate Speed/Directional Data
09/19 Qorvo Qorvo® Announces Industry’s Smallest Low Voltage Transmit Module for Cellular IoT
09/19 Texas Instruments (TI) New portfolio of isolation devices from TI extends the lifetime of high-voltage applications to 40-plus years
09/18 CML Microcircuits CML Micro release the world’s lowest-cost Digital Radio Mondiale Broadcast Receiver module
09/15 Mean Well Enterprises LRS-N2 Series: 100W-600W Enclosed Type Power Supply with 200% Peak Power
09/14 Diodes Incorporated 300mA Output Automotive-Compliant LDOs from Diodes Incorporated with Power Good Support Off-Battery Point-of-Load
09/14 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics’ microcontroller STM32H5 Discovery kit accelerates building secure, smart, connected devices
09/13 AVX New 9296-11X Series Poke-Home Single Contacts
09/13 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Increases Power Density for POL Converters With the Industry’s Smallest 6 A, 20 A, and 25 A Buck Regulator Modules
09/12 Diodes Incorporated Boost/SEPIC Controller from Diodes Incorporated Enables 50kHz LED-Wide PWM Dimming in Automotive Lighting Applications
09/12 Infineon Technologies Infineon presents XENSIV™ tire pressure sensor with intelligent features for tire pressure monitoring systems
09/12 Power Integrations Power Integrations Launches New Non-Isolated Flyback Switcher ICs with Best-in-Class Efficiency and Light-Load Operation for Small Power Supplies
09/12 Qorvo Qorvo® Introduces World’s Highest Power Ku-Band Satellite Communications Amplifier
09/07 Luminus Devices Luminus Leads in Efficacy and Quality of Light with Gen 6 COBs
09/07 Littelfuse Littelfuse Introduces Stocked Standard Supply of Negative Temperature Coefficient NTC Thermistor Series for Critical Temperature Control
09/06 Diodes Incorporated High Current, High Accuracy LDO from Diodes Incorporated Addresses Noise-Sensitive Power Conversion Applications
09/05 Littelfuse Littelfuse Launches High Amperage Rating Fuse Blocks for 5x20mm Fuses
09/04 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics boosts IGBT ruggedness and efficiency with new 1350V series
09/04 Lumileds New Philips Xperion 3000 LED work lights
09/01 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology 650 V E Series Power MOSFET Delivers Industry’s Lowest RDS(ON)*Qg and RDS(ON)*Co(er) FOMs
08/31 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Releases 3rd Generation SiC MOSFETs for Industrial Equipment with Four-Pin Package that Reduces Switching Loss
08/31 ROHM Semiconductor ROHM’s New EcoGaN™ Power Stage ICs Contribute to Smaller Size and Lower Loss
08/31 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Miniaturized IR Sensor Modules Feature Modulated Carrier Output for Code Learning Applications
08/30 Toshiba Electronic Components Launch of 20 Surge-Protection Zener Diode Products that are Suitable for Automotive Equipment
08/29 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Develops Industry’s First 2200V Dual Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET Module That Contributes to High Efficiency and Downsizing of Industrial Equipment
08/29 Diodes Incorporated Micropower, Push-Pull, Unipolar Hall Switches from Diodes Incorporated Save Board Space in Battery-Powered Applications
08/29 AKM Semiconductor Developed an IC for millimeter-wave radar transceivers that is capable of simultaneous detection of positions and respiratory rates of multiple persons and achieved 7[GHz] frequency-modulation on 57-6
08/24 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Releases 600V Small Intelligent Power Devices for Brushless DC Motor Drives
08/23 Infineon Technologies Infineon presents H7 variant of the Gen7 discrete 650 V TRENCHSTOP™ IGBTs for energy-efficient power applications
08/23 Bourns Inc. Bourns Expands Semi-shielded Power Inductor Line with Five New Automotive Grade, AEC-Q200 Compliant Model Series
08/23 ROHM Semiconductor ROHM’s New Automotive-Grade High Voltage Hall ICs
08/23 Toshiba Electronic Components Lineup Expansion of 80 V N-Channel Power MOSFET Products in Toshiba’s U-MOSX-H Series that Help Reduce the Power Consumption of Power Supplies
08/22 Texas Instruments (TI) TI simplifies current sensing with the industry’s most accurate Hall-effect sensors and integrated shunt solutions
08/17 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Releases Industry-First Standard Rectifier and TVS Two-in-One Solution
08/17 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Launches Automotive 40V N-Channel Power MOSFETs with New Package that Contributes to High Heat Dissipation and Size Reduction of Automotive Equipment
08/17 Mean Well Enterprises DDRH-15/30/45 Series:15W & 30W & 45W Ultra-Wide 150~1500 Vdc Input DC-DC Converter
08/17 Bridgelux Bridgelux’s Gen9 COBs Deliver Industry Highest Efficacy 200 lm/W
08/15 AVX New SCM Series Series-Connected Supercapacitor Modules
08/10 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba’s Newly Developed 2200 V SiC MOSFETs Deliver Low Power Loss that Contributes to the Simplification, Miniaturization and Weight Reduction of Inverter Systems
08/10 Littelfuse Littelfuse Launches Worlds Smallest Subminiature Flange Mount Reed Sensors for Various Applications
08/10 Infineon Technologies Infineon introduces new automotive 60 V and 120 V OptiMOS™ 5 in TOLx packages for 24 V-72 V supplied high power ECUs
08/09 Bourns Inc. Bourns Adds 12 New High Current Model Series to its Shielded Power Inductor Line
08/08 Bourns Inc. Bourns Introduces High Voltage 2-Electrode GDT Series Designed for IEC 62368-1 Compliant Equipment and Powerline Protection
08/07 Micron Micron Launches Memory Expansion Module Portfolio to Accelerate CXL 2.0 Adoption
08/07 Mean Well Enterprises PowerNex|P Series: SCARA Industrial Robot
08/07 Infineon Technologies Automotive motor control: New MOTIX™ MCU embedded power IC-families with CAN FD interface provide faster communication and higher performance
08/04 Mini-Circuits Flexible Building Blocks for 2.4 – 2.5 GHz ISM RF Energy up to 6 kW
08/04 Littelfuse Littelfuse Unveils SZSMF4L Automotive Grade 400-Watt TVS Diodes in Surface Mount Package
08/03 MCC Ramp Up Efficiency with MCC’s Lineup of Automotive-Grade Schottky Barrier Rectifiers
07/31 MCC Enhance Your Automotive Applications with MCC’s AEC-Q101 Qualified Digital Transistors
07/28 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics’ GNSS module eases design with Teseo single-die receiver technology for sub-meter accuracy
07/27 Infineon Technologies Infineon presents highly integrated XENSIV™ 60 GHz radar sensor for consumer electronics, IoT applications, and healthcare devices
07/27 ams ams OSRAM opens new era of dynamic interior automotive lighting with launch of intelligent RGB LED
07/27 AKM Semiconductor AKM launches a new multi-core DSP for next-generation in-vehicle sound design: an immersive luxury audio experience
07/26 Infineon Technologies Infineon extends its PQFN 2x2 mm² product portfolio with best-in-class OptiMOS™ power MOSFETs
07/25 Bourns Inc. Bourns’ Latest Overtemperature Protection Mini-Breaker Device Series – Automotive Grade and AEC-Q200 Compliant
07/25 Littelfuse Littelfuse Unveils Latest eFuse Protection ICs for USB Type-C Port Protection
07/25 Micron Crucial Expands Portable SSD Portfolio, Unveiling Revolutionary New Storage Architecture
07/25 AKM Semiconductor AKM developed audio A/D converter with built-in 4-channel microphone amplifier with DR 109[dB] at 9.7[mW], which is connectable to current output sensors
07/24 Murata Manufacturing Murata’s Latest Wireless Module Utilizes Wi-Fi 6E & Bluetooth 5.3 to Deliver Enhanced Performance for IoT Implementations
07/24 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics reveals innovative infrared (IR) sensor for presence and motion detection in building automation
07/21 Infineon Technologies Infineon adds new industrial and automotive grade devices in its high-voltage superjunction MOSFET family for static switching applications
07/19 Yageo KEMET Introduces New X7R High Voltage VW80808 Series Automotive Grade MLCC
07/19 Infineon Technologies Infineon adds 650 V TOLL portfolio to its CoolSiC™ MOSFET family for better thermal performance, power density, and easier assembly
07/18 ams New era in road safety as ams OSRAM launches intelligent multipixel EVIYOS® 2.0 LED for precision adaptive headlights
07/18 Infineon Technologies Flexibility meets increased power density and performance: Infineon extends 1200 V 62 mm IGBT7 portfolio with new maximum current rating
07/18 Littelfuse Littelfuse Launches New Current Sensing Resistor Family for Automotive and Consumer Electronics Markets
07/17 Infineon Technologies Infineon expands portfolio for data logging memory; introduces industry’s first 1Mbit automotive-qualified serial EXCELON™ F-RAM and adds 4Mbit density
07/14 Infineon Technologies Smart power switch family Power PROFET™ + 12V enables modern power distribution architectures with lowest ohmic switches for automotive applications
07/13 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Releases 3rd Generation 650V SiC Schottky Barrier Diodes that Contribute to More Efficient Industrial Equipment
07/13 ROHM Semiconductor ROHM’s New 600V Super Junction MOSFETs Combine Class-Leading
07/13 Microchip Technology Microchip Introduces Its First Automotive-Qualified 10BASE-T1S Ethernet Devices
07/12 Featured Product: The IEC63171-7 standard specifies hybrid interfaces with SPE
07/11 MCC Meet MCC’s Automotive-Grade Overachiever: The 40V N-Channel MOSFET
07/11 Allegro Allegro MicroSystems Introduces New Isolated Gate Driver IC to Enable Leading Power Conversion Density
07/11 Renesas Electronics Renesas Introduces R-Car S4 Starter Kit That Enables Rapid Software Development for Automotive Gateway Systems
07/10 ams New True Color Sensor from ams OSRAM enables near-perfect color rendition in camera images and displays
07/06 ROHM Semiconductor New RGB Chip LED for Automotive Interiors Minimizes Color Variations due to Color Mixing
07/06 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology 60 V, 100 V, and 150 V TMBS® Rectifiers Deliver High Current Ratings to 7 A in DFN3820A Package
07/06 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics’ GaN driver integrates galvanic isolation for superior safety and reliability
07/06 Littelfuse Littelfuse Introduces Its Residual Current Monitor Product Line for Electrical Charging Stations
07/05 Bourns Inc. Bourns Introduces High Performance AC Surge Protective Device Series
07/05 Kyocera Industrial Ceramics KYOCERA Introduces One-Action-Lock FPC/FFC Connectors
07/05 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics reveals latest FlightSense™ multi-zone distance sensor with camera-like field of view
07/05 Littelfuse Littelfuse First to Release AEC-Q200 Rev E Qualified Fuses Developed for Demanding Automotive Grade Applications
07/03 MCC Get Efficiency & Reliable Performance in MCC’s Super-Fast FRED Rectifier
06/30 TE Connectivity Featured Product: Angled RJ45 Connectors
06/29 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics’ integrated high-voltage driver shrinks and simplifies high-performance ultrasound scanners
06/29 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Releases 100V N-Channel Power MOSFET That Supports Miniaturization of Power Supply Circuits
06/29 Littelfuse Littelfuse Introduces Micro-D Connector Series with Removable Crimp Contacts for Aerospace Industry
06/29 Diodes Incorporated High-Precision Automotive-Compliant Op Amp from Diodes Incorporated Features Input Offset Stabilization
06/28 Toshiba Electronic Components Lineup Expansion of 80 V/100 V Automotive N-Channel Power MOSFETs that Use L-TOGL™ Package Supporting Large Currents with High Heat Dissipation
06/28 Renesas Electronics Renesas Introduces Industry’s First Client Clock Driver and Gen 3 RCD to Enable Demanding DDR5 Client and Server DIMMs
06/28 Bourns Inc. Bourns Announces Two Automotive Grade Semi-shielded Power Inductor Series Engineered for High Reliability
06/28 Infineon Technologies New automotive-qualified XENSIV™ MEMS microphone with analog interface for audio and active noise cancelation systems
06/27 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Introduces ARM® Cortex®-M3 Microcontrollers “TXZ+™ Family Advanced Class” with 1MB Code Flash Memory Supporting Firmware Updates without Interrupting Microcontroller Operation
06/27 Diodes Incorporated Automotive-Compliant Silicon Carbide MOSFETs from Diodes Incorporated Enhance Automotive Subsystems Efficiency
06/27 Bourns Inc. Bourns Introduces its First Silicon Carbide Schottky Barrier Diodes Designed for Applications that Require Higher Efficiency, Switching Performance and Low Power Loss
06/27 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology IR Sensor Modules Provide Robust Operation in Direct Sunlight Without Attenuators, Reducing System Costs
06/26 Murata Manufacturing Murata Addresses Emerging Autonomous Driving Functions with Latest Drip-Proof Ultrasonic Sensor
06/26 Infineon Technologies Engine management and pneumatic seat systems: Infineon launches two XENSIV™ barometric air pressure sensors
06/26 ams ams OSRAM’s new generation of color lasers features higher beam quality and allows for smaller power supply
06/23 ams Manufacturers of automotive forward lighting to benefit from system cost reduction and higher energy efficiency with launch of new OSLON® Compact PL LEDs
06/22 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics adds lossless image compression and information sharing in TouchGFX UI design software for STM32 microcontrollers
06/22 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics adds lossless image compression and information sharing in TouchGFX UI design software for STM32 microcontrollers
06/22 Bourns Inc. Bourns Launches Automotive Grade Semi-shielded Power Inductor Series Featuring High Operating Temperatures Up to 150 °C
06/21 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics reveals integrated hot-swap and ideal-diode controller for automotive safety-critical applications up to ASIL-D
06/21 Diodes Incorporated Automotive-Compliant Current Shunt Monitors from Diodes Incorporated Enable High-Precision Voltage Sensing in Electric Vehicles
06/21 Toshiba Electronic Components Bipolar Transistors Contribute to the Reduction of Environmental Impacts
06/20 MCC Meet MCC’s Super-Fast Recovery Rectifiers for Efficient High-Current Switching
06/20 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology 200 V FRED Pt® Ultrafast Rectifiers Deliver High Current Ratings to 5 A in Power DFN Series DFN3820A Package
06/19 Omnivision OMNIVISION Adds Two New Products to Its Broad Family of Global Shutter Sensors for Automotive In-Cabin Applications
06/19 Murata Manufacturing Commercialized the High-Precision XRCGE_FXA Series Automotive Crystal Unit in 2016 Size
06/16 Murata Manufacturing Low Profile 2.0 mm Max./470 μF Capacitance Polymer Capacitor Commercialized
06/15 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Launches Motor Driver ICs with Small Package and Reduced External Parts that Save Space on Circuit Boards
06/15 Winbond Winbond introduces the next generation 8Mb Serial Flash for edge devices in space constrained IoT applications
06/15 Infineon Technologies New ISOFACE™ portfolio of digital isolators offers robust high-voltage isolation, best-in-class efficiency and noise immunity
06/14 Toshiba Electronic Components Lineup Expansion of -60 V P-Channel Power MOSFETs that Contribute to Lower Power Consumption for Automotive Equipment
06/14 TE Connectivity TE News: Wind farms get new flexible, easy to install HV joints
06/13 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Releases 600V Super Junction Structure N-Channel Power MOSFET that Helps to Improve Efficiency of Power Supplies
06/13 Qorvo Qorvo® Delivers Industry’s First C-band BAW Band Pass Filter and Switch/LNA Module for 5G Small Cell Radios
06/13 Peregrine(pSemi) pSemi Launches 3.5 GHz Dual-Channel Switch + LNA Module with Industry’s Lowest Noise Figure
06/13 Peregrine(pSemi) pSemi Unveils New High-Isolation SP4T Switches with Broadband Frequency Up to 8 GHz
06/13 Infineon Technologies Next generation 1200 V CoolSiC™ Trench MOSFET in TO263-7 package boosts e-Mobility
06/13 ams ams OSRAM extends success in Horticulture Lighting with Hyper Red innovation – Reinforces market leadership and unrivaled performance in horticulture lighting
06/12 Omnivision OMNIVISION Unveils the Medical Industry’s Ultra-Thin Cable Module for Single-Use Endoscopes
06/12 Avago / Broadcom Broadcom Introduces FiFEM, The World’s First Wi-Fi RF FEM with Filter Integration Optimized for Wi-Fi 7 Access Points
06/08 Littelfuse Littelfuse Launches NEMA-style Surge Protective Device (SPDN) Series
06/08 Qorvo Qorvo® Delivers Next Generation PA Modules for 5G mMIMO Wireless Systems
06/07 Infineon Technologies Infineon’s HYPERRAM™ 3.0 memory and Autotalks’ 3rd generation chipset drive next-generation automotive V2X applications
06/06 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Automotive Grade Photovoltaic MOSFET Driver featuring a Turn-Off Circuit in a compact SOP-4 Package
06/06 NXP Semiconductors 5G Radios Shrink With NXP’s New Top-Side Cooling For RF Power
06/06 Qorvo Qorvo® Unveils the World’s Smallest 2-18 GHz 10W Front End Module
06/05 MCC Upgrade Your High Current Switching Performance with MCC’s New Split-Gate Trench MOSFETs
06/05 Murata Manufacturing Commercialized the 150℃ Compatible XRCGA_F_A Series Automotive Crystal Unit
06/05 CTS New High Performance PLL-Based Crystal Oscillators
05/31 TT Electronics TT Electronics Launches EBW5216 Busbar Shunt Resistors
05/31 Semtech Semtech Releases New Surge Protection Product to Safeguard Electronics
05/31 ROHM Semiconductor ROHM’s New Class-Leading* Low ON Resistance Nch MOSFETs:
05/31 TT Electronics TT Electronics Launches EBW5216 Busbar Shunt Resistors
05/30 Omnivision OMNIVISION Announces First Fully Integrated, Low-Power, Single-Chip LCOS Panel for Next-Generation AR/XR/MR Glasses
05/30 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics introduces market-first waterproof MEMS pressure sensor with 10-year longevity for Industrial IoT expansion
05/30 Littelfuse Littelfuse Launches New LTKAK2-L Series High Power TVS Diodes in Surface Mount Package
05/30 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Thick Film Power Resistor With Optional NTC Thermistor and PC-TIM Simplifies Designs, Saves Board Space, and Lowers Costs
05/30 Bourns Inc. Delivering an Enhanced High Inrush Current Limiter Solution, Bourns Unveils its POWrTherm™ NTC Thermistors Line
05/30 Renesas Electronics Renesas Expands Market-Leading Motor Control Embedded Processing Portfolio with Over 35 New MCUs
05/29 ams ams OSRAM adds reliable, built-in eye safety feature in latest IR VCSEL emitter for in-cabin sensing applications
05/25 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Releases Small Photorelay with High Speed Turn-On Time that Helps Shorten Test Time for Semiconductor Testers
05/25 Murata Manufacturing Compact MLCCs with Extended Creepage Distance Highlight Murata’s Expertise in Passive Component Technology
05/24 Omnivision OMNIVISION Announces New 1080p Full HD Image Sensor with Staggered HDR for High-performance Video in Thin Bezel Notebooks and Tablets
05/24 Qorvo Qorvo® Introduces Best-in-Class High Power SSPAs for Commercial and Defense Applications
05/24 Mean Well Enterprises PowerNex|DC Cooling Fans|4 x 4, 6 x 6, 8 x 8 cm
05/23 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Launches High Voltage, Low Current Consumption LDO Regulators that Help to Lower Equipment Stand-By Power
05/23 Microchip Technology Microchip Extends its Radiation-Tolerant Family of Gigabit Ethernet PHYs
05/22 Lumileds Lumileds Broadens CoB Offerings With New Board Footprints For Absolute Design Flexibility
05/19 Mean Well Enterprises XLG-DA2 Series: 50W~320W DALI-2 Digital Dimming LED Driver
05/18 Murata Manufacturing New Addition of Chip Common Mode Choke Coil Lineup with CAN FD Compatibility
05/18 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Launches Small and Thin Common-Drain MOSFET Featuring Very Low On-Resistance Suitable for Quick Charging Devices
05/18 Lumileds Lumileds 5th Generation CoBs Get 15+% Increase in Light Output and 20+% Increase in Efficacy
05/17 Yageo YAGEO Launches MLCC 1206 NPO 630V 10nF for High Power and High Efficiency LLC Circuit
05/16 NXP Semiconductors NXP and TSMC to Deliver Industry’s First Automotive 16 nm FinFET Embedded MRAM
05/16 Microchip Technology New Long-Reaching USB 3.2 Compatible Reclocker/Redriver Devices for Automotive and Industrial Applications
05/15 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics introduces its second generation of Industry 4.0-ready Edge AI powered microprocessors
05/15 Nippon Chemi-Con NCM25-AC camera module featuring MIPI A-PHY, an ultra-high-speed interface standard for next-generation automotive electronics
05/12 Mean Well Enterprises PowerNex|DIN Rail TS35 Zinc Plated Steel|7.5/15 mm
05/10 Vishay New Vishay Intertechnology Gen 3 650 V SiC Schottky Diodes Increase Efficiency and Reliability for Switching Power Designs
05/09 ON Semiconductor New onsemi Hyperlux Image Sensor Family Leads the Way in Next-Generation ADAS to Make Cars Safer
05/09 Littelfuse New Littelfuse 150520 Inline Fuse Holder Series Offers Easier Installation, Saves PC Board Space
05/09 Infineon Technologies Infineon introduces the next generation of dual-channel isolated gate driver ICs, pushing the performance envelope of SMPS designs
05/09 TE Connectivity TE Connectivity launches new series of Linx Cellular FPC Antennas
05/09 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Releases Digital Isolators that Contribute to Stable High-Speed Isolated Data Transmissions in Industrial Applications
05/09 Power Integrations Power Integrations Unveils New SCALE-iFlex LT NTC IGBT/SiC Module Gate Drivers with Temperature Readout
05/09 Power Integrations Power Integrations’ New 3300 V IGBT Module Gate Driver Reports Telemetry Data for Observability, Predictive Maintenance and Lifetime Modeling
05/09 Power Integrations Power Integrations’ New 3300 V IGBT Module Gate Driver Reports Telemetry Data for Observability, Predictive Maintenance and Lifetime Modeling
05/09 Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Kyocera Launches New CVD Coated Carbide Grades CA115P and CA125P for Steel Turning
05/08 ROHM Semiconductor ROHM Begins Mass Production of 650V GaN HEMTs That Deliver Class-Leading Performance
05/05 Mean Well Enterprises XLG-240/320-48-ABV Series: 240W & 320W Agricultural Lighting LED Power Supply
05/05 Infineon Technologies New OptiMOS™ 7 40V MOSFET family for automotive applications improves on-state resistance, switching efficiency as well as design robustness
05/04 TE Connectivity TE Connectivity launches new Linx CW-RCS series Wi-Fi 6/6E/7 right-angle whip antennas
05/04 Infineon Technologies Infineon’s highly integrated new wireless power transmitter IC is ideal for charging applications up to 50 W
05/02 Littelfuse Littelfuse Adds 3425L Series SMD Resettable PPTCs Series Created for High-Voltage Applications
04/28 Infineon Technologies Infineon’s EZ-PD™ USB-C PD solutions enable advanced multimedia and charging solutions for vehicles
04/28 TE Connectivity TE News: VOLINSU Tubing EVSW
04/27 ROHM Semiconductor ROHM’s New Ultra-Low Profile 12W Rated Metal Plate Shunt Resistor: Ideal for Double-Sided Cooled Power Modules in Automotive and Industrial Equipment Applications
04/27 Yageo YAGEO launched the high voltage chip resistor- VT series with moisture & sulfur resistant, thin film, high precision features
04/27 Infineon Technologies New EiceDRIVER™ 1200 V half-bridge driver IC family with active Miller clamp for optimized ruggedness in high power systems
04/24 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics reveals flexible isolated-buck IC for protected power conversion and gate driving in IGBTs, SiC, and GaN transistors
04/21 Mini-Circuits New MMIC Amps – Improve Your System Dynamic Range
04/20 ROHM Semiconductor ROHM Industry’s Smallest Class* of Short-Wavelength Infrared (SWIR) Devices Ideal for New Sensing Applications in Portable and Wearable Devices
04/20 Infineon Technologies Infineon enables next-generation automotive E/E architectures with industry’s first LPDDR Flash memory
04/20 Diodes Incorporated High-Efficiency Buck Converters from Diodes Incorporated Provide Wide-Ranging POL Design Versatility
04/19 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics introduces automotive inertial module with certified ASIL B software library for a broad range of automotive applications
04/19 Kyocera Industrial Ceramics KYOCERA Develops EIA 0201 Size Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC) with the Industry’s Highest*1 Capacitance of 10 Microfarads
04/18 Texas Instruments (TI) TI makes Wi-Fi® technology more robust and affordable for connected IoT applications
04/18 Infineon Technologies PROFET™ Load Guard 12V is powering up automotive ADAS and power distribution with adjustable overcurrent limitation and capacitive load switching mode
04/14 AKM Semiconductor Commenced sales of 100Arms compatible, low heat coreless current sensor IC for EV quick charge stations and packaged air conditioners
04/12 Semtech Semtech Expands PerSe® Product Portfolio with Launch of New Chipset for 5G Mobile Devices
04/12 ams New 905 nm edge-emitting laser diode from ams OSRAM features low-cost plastic package for consumer and industry applications
04/11 Renesas Electronics Renesas Samples Its First 22-nm Microcontroller
04/11 Schaffner New Common Mode Choke Offers Vast Choice of Performance Levels for Residential EV Charging Station Designers
04/06 CTS Electric Vehicle Technology Advancements with New Brake-by-Wire Modular Pedals from CTS
04/06 ROHM Semiconductor ROHM’s New 4ch/6ch LED Drivers for LCD Backlights: Contribution to Lower Power Consumption in Medium to Large Automotive Displays
04/06 ams New photodiode from ams OSRAM improves performance in visible and IR light applications
04/04 Renesas Electronics Renesas Is First to Support Public Building Air Quality Standards in Environmental Sensors
04/04 Littelfuse Littelfuse Expands Lineup of DC Contactors for eMobility and Industrial Applications
03/31 Kingbright Super Low-Profile RA Bi-Color APFA2507 SMD LED
03/31 CML Microcircuits CML launch the CMX90B701/702 low current mmWave gain blocks
03/30 TE Connectivity TE News: Linx Technologies launches surface-mount RF switch connectors
03/30 AVX Time- and Cost-Saving 9176-700 Series Capped IDC Connectors
03/30 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics reveals STM32 programming/debug probe with extended power-measurement range, enabling next-generation ultra-low-power applications
03/30 Diodes Incorporated Industrial-Grade Silicon Carbide MOSFET from Diodes Incorporated Enables Higher Power Density
03/30 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Releases 150V N-channel Power MOSFET with Industry-leading[1] Low On-resistance and Improved Reverse Recovery Characteristics that Help Increase the Efficiency of Power Supplies
03/30 Renesas Electronics Renesas Expands RISC-V Embedded Processing Portfolio with New Voice-Control ASSP Solution
03/29 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Enhances Anti-Surge Thick Film Power Resistor in 0805 Case Size With Higher 0.5 W Power Rating
03/29 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics makes lithium batteries perform better and last longer with high-accuracy BMS controller
03/28 MCC MCC’s AEC-Q101 Schottky Barrier Rectifiers: Ideal for High-Speed Switching and Automotive Applications
03/28 Luminus Devices Luminus Releases Gen 2 CCT Tunable COBs Delivering the Industry’s Highest Flux and Efficacy
03/28 Diodes Incorporated Space-Saving TVS from Diodes Incorporated Provides Superior ESD and Surge Protection for High-Speed I/Os
03/24 Murata Manufacturing New Bluetooth® LE Module delivers industry’s lowest power consumption for IoT applications
03/23 Renesas Electronics Renesas’ New RZ/T2L Industrial MPU Enables Fast and Accurate Real-Time Control with EtherCAT Communication
03/23 Infineon Technologies Infineon AIROC™ CYW20829 Bluetooth LE SoC ready with latest Bluetooth 5.4 specification
03/23 Diodes Incorporated Ultra-Low Quiescent Wide Input Voltage LDO from Diodes Incorporated Addresses Needs of 12V and 24V Automotive Systems
03/21 ams New OSLON® UV 3535 mid power products with design innovations and leading performance enrich ams OSRAM’s UV-C LED portfolio
03/21 MCC Improve Performance and Reduce System Size
03/20 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics’ 100W and 65W VIPerGaN converters save space and raise efficiency in consumer and industrial applications
03/20 Qorvo Qorvo® Delivers 5.4 mohm 750V SiC FETs in TOLL Package for High Power Applications
03/20 Texas Instruments (TI) TI pioneers the industry’s first stand-alone active EMI filter ICs, supporting high-density power supply designs
03/20 Power Integrations Power Integrations Launches 900 V GaN Flyback Switcher ICs
03/20 ams Factory automation made easier: ams OSRAM launches space-saving surface-mount edge-emitting laser diode that features narrow 110 µm aperture
03/16 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba to Provide Samples of Clock Extension Peripheral Interface Driver/Receiver IC That Contributes to Wiring Harnesses Reduction
03/16 MCC MCC Launches AEC-Q101-Qualified ESD Protection Devices
03/16 Murata Manufacturing Murata’s New Multi-Protocol Wireless Module Enables Simultaneous Use of Wi-Fi 6 and Matter
03/16 Diodes Incorporated 20Gbps 2x2 Exchange Switch from Diodes Incorporated Enables Fast Multiplexing/Switching in Automotive Media and Driver Assistance Systems
03/15 Texas Instruments (TI) TI makes embedded systems more affordable with new Arm® Cortex®-M0+ MCU portfolio
03/15 Semtech Semtech Expands LoRa® Portfolio with New Transceiver Featuring Long Range, Low Power Consumption, LoRaWAN® Standard and Global Connectivity
03/14 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics provides full STM32 support for Microsoft Visual Studio Code
03/14 Silicon Labs Silicon Labs Announces New Bluetooth SoC and MCU Ideal for Small Form-Factor Devices
03/14 ON Semiconductor onsemi extends Bluetooth Low Energy MCU Family for Automotive Wireless Applications
03/14 Microchip Technology Microchip Expands its Secure Authentication IC Portfolio
03/14 Mean Well Enterprises NCP-3200 Series: 3200W New Generation 2-in-1 Rack-mounted Switching Power Supply & Battery Charger
03/14 Diodes Incorporated Self-Excitation Piezo Sounder Driver from Diodes Incorporated Extends Runtime and Maintains High SPL Output Across Entire Battery Life
03/14 Renesas Electronics Renesas Expands RA MCU Family with Two New Entry-Line Groups Offering Optimal Combination of Performance, Features and Value
03/13 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics simplifies and accelerates wireless product development with certified STM32WB1MMC Bluetooth® LE module
03/13 Murata Manufacturing Latest Wire Wound Chip Common Mode Choke Coils from Murata Exhibit Wideband Impedance Capabilities
03/13 Infineon Technologies New NFC tag-side controller from Infineon integrates sensing and energy-harvesting to enable compact, battery-free smart sensing IoT solutions
03/13 Bourns Inc. Bourns Introduces its first AEC-Q200 Tested Overtemperature Protection Mini-Breaker Devices that Broaden their Application Usage
03/09 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba’s New Discrete Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor Boosts Efficiency of Air Conditioners and Industrial Equipment
03/09 ROHM Semiconductor ROHM’s New ±1% Accuracy Current Sense Amplifier ICs Reduce
03/09 Mean Well Enterprises SLD-150 Series: 150W Ultra-Slim and Linear Type with Dual-certified LED Driver
03/09 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics’ automotive-qualified micro-power op amp endures harsh temperature and extended mission profile
03/09 Diodes Incorporated 60V-Rated Synchronous Buck Converters from Diodes Incorporated Bring Enhanced Efficiency to Automotive PoL Applications
03/08 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Automotive Grade Thick Film Chip Resistors Reduce Component Counts, Improve Accuracy and Stability
03/08 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics 100V industrial-grade STripFET F8 devices improve figure of merit by 40%
03/08 Omnivision OMNIVISION Announces New High-performance, Low-power 2K 4-megapixel Image Sensor for Consumer Security and Surveillance Cameras
03/08 Lumileds Transform Your Car From Standard to Stylish With the New Generation of NARVA Range Performance Signaling Bulbs
03/08 Infineon Technologies High-voltage MCU with USB-C PD and buck-boost charging controller, streamlining embedded system design
03/08 Allegro Allegro MicroSystems Announces Industry’s First ASIL C Safety Rated Field Current Sensor for Electric Vehicle Powertrain Systems
03/08 Mean Well Enterprises ERG-5000 series:4 channels 5kW Energy Recycling Grid Type Power Inverter
03/07 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics reveals STM32WBA52 wireless microcontrollers with SESIP3 security, tailored for IoT devices
03/07 Semtech Semtech Advances PON Leadership With Latest PON-X™ Chipset for 10G PON Optical Network Units
03/07 Semtech Semtech Unveils FiberEdge® Octal Linear Transimpedance Amplifier for 800G and 1.6T Data Center Applications
03/07 Microchip Technology Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) 10BASE-T1S and 100BASE-T1 Devices Transform IIoT at the Edge and in Higher-Speed Applications
03/07 Littelfuse Littelfuse Expands eFuse Protection ICs Series to Address More Diverse, Demanding Applications
03/07 Infineon Technologies AURIX™ TC3xx, TC4x, TRAVEO™ T2G & PSoC families of microcontrollers support Rust
03/06 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics’ all-in-one motion and bone-conduction sensor saves space and power in hearables and headsets
03/06 Lumex Lumex RGB LED Dot Matrix Display - Programmable
03/06 Avago / Broadcom Broadcom Introduces Industry’s First 5nm 100G/lane Optical PAM-4 DSP PHY with Integrated TIA and Laser Driver
03/06 MCC MCC Launches Four 1200V IGBT Power Integrated Modules
03/02 Bourns Inc. Bourns Introduces High Efficiency Planar Transformer Series Engineered for High Frequency, Smaller Space DC-DC Conversion Designs
03/01 Infineon Technologies Infineon introduces highly integrated iMOTION™ IMI110 series for low-power devices
03/01 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Infrared Receiver Upgrade Reduces Current Consumption, Improves Robustness Against ESD and Direct Sunlight
03/01 ROHM Semiconductor ROHM’s Compact Primary LDOs with Highly Stable Output Voltage Stability Ideal for Redundant Power Supplies
02/28 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba’s Newly Launched Gate-Driver IC for Automotive Brushless DC Motors Helps Improve Safety of Electrical Components
02/28 Qorvo Quectel announces ultra-wideband automotive grade module, CCC and ICCE compliant to enable newest generation digital car keys with improved location and security capabilities
02/27 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics grows ST-ONE controller family for USB Power Delivery applications up to 140W
02/24 Infineon Technologies New i-ToF imager enables smallest 3D camera systems with improved quantum efficiency at optimized cost
02/24 Abracon Abracon Announces High-Performance UWB Antennas for Short-Range High-Precision Data Transmission
02/23 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics reveals ultra-compact, low-power, NB-IoT industrial modules with GNSS geo-location capability
02/22 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Standard Rectifiers Deliver High Current Ratings to 4 A, Are Industry’s First in Power DFN Series DFN3820A Package
02/22 TE Connectivity Featured Product: KILOVAC CAP120 High Voltage Latching Contactor
02/22 Peregrine(pSemi) pSemi Announces Industry-leading 5G mmWave Switch Reaches Volume Production
02/22 Infineon Technologies Infineon’s 256 Mbit SEMPER™ Nano NOR Flash memory enables smaller, power-efficient industrial and consumer electronics
02/22 Yageo KEMET Introduces AAR80 Aluminum Rectangular Capacitors designed for EV On-Board Chargers (OBC)
02/21 Semtech Sierra Wireless Announces New 5G LPWA HL7900 Module Integrating Sony’s Altair ALT1350 Chipset
02/21 STMicroelectronics New microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics expand STM32U5 series, raising performance and energy efficiency for IoT and embedded applications
02/21 AVX NEW | Extensive Range of Radial-Leaded Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
02/20 Infineon Technologies New ecosystem partners for AIROC™ CYW5459X portfolio to accelerate design cycle of robust, seamless connection for video and AI edge devices and IoT
02/17 Eaton Eaton delivers reliable, flexible power protection for connected devices in industrial environments
02/17 Eaton Eaton delivers reliable, flexible power protection for connected devices in industrial environments
02/16 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Automotive Grade Miniature Aluminum Capacitors Increase Design Flexibility While Saving Board Space
02/16 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics reveals broad selection of antenna-matching RF integrated passive devices for STM32WL MCUs
02/15 Toshiba Electronic Components Lineup Expansion of 150 V N-Channel MOSFETs Using a New Generation Process That Helps Improve the Efficiency of Power Supplies
02/15 AVX NEW | MIL-PRF-32535 BME NP0 MLCCs Approved to the DLA QPD
02/14 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics introduces highly integrated 32-channel ultrasound transmitter optimized for handheld scanners
02/14 Diodes Incorporated Intelligent High-Side Switch from Diodes Incorporated Enables Assured Automotive System Reliability
02/10 Mean Well Enterprises DDRH-120/240 Series:120W & 240W Ultra-Wide 250~1500Vdc Input DIN Rail Type DC-DC Converter
02/08 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics reveals scalable, feature-rich automotive high-side drivers leveraging advanced power technology
02/07 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Releases Intelligent Power Devices That Help Reduce Mounting Areas
02/07 ROHM Semiconductor ROHM’s New Compact Intelligent (Smart) Low Side Switches: Reduced Power Loss and Safer Operation Using Proprietary TDACC™ Circuit and Device Technology
02/07 Lumileds Lumileds Combines Record-breaking Efficiency with Impeccable Light Quality in Proven 3030 LED Package for Indoor and Outdoor Luminaires
02/06 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics’ integrated flyback controller with advanced features boosts LED lighting performance
02/03 Infineon Technologies Infineon maintains leadership in the MEMS microphone market and launches new PDM microphone with low power consumption in a small package
02/02 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics reveals single-chip antenna-matching ICs for easier, faster design with Bluetooth® LE SoCs and STM32 wireless microcontrollers
02/02 AVX NEW | Automotive-Qualified SuperCapacitors
02/02 ams New 256-channel ADC from ams OSRAM reduces power and design complexity in high-performance CT detectors
02/01 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Automotive Grade vPolyTan™ Polymer Tantalum Chip Capacitors Combine Low ESR With High Volumetric Efficiency
02/01 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics simplifies high-efficiency two-port USB-PD adapters with ST-ONEMP digital controller
01/31 Toshiba Electronic Components Toshiba Releases Automotive 40V N-channel Power MOSFETs with New High Heat Dissipation Package that Supports Larger Currents for Automotive Equipment
01/31 Peregrine(pSemi) pSemi Announces High-linearity Sub-6 GHz RF Switches Reach Volume Production
01/31 Diodes Incorporated Dual Digital Interface, Multi-Channel LED Driver from Diodes Incorporated Addresses RGB and Single-Color Solid-State Lighting
01/31 AKM Semiconductor AKM to start selling DC-DC converter for thermoelectric power generation capable of boosting voltage from 15 mV
01/30 TT Electronics TT Electronics Launches New Slimline Desktop Series
01/30 Mean Well Enterprises RQB40W12 & RQB150W3 Series:40W&150W ¼ Brick Type Wide Input DC-DC Converter
01/30 Diodes Incorporated Diodes Incorporated Releases Its First Silicon Carbide Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBD)
01/30 Bourns Inc. Bourns Expands High Power Thick Film Chip Resistor Line with Four New AEC-Q200 Compliant Series
01/25 Renesas Electronics Renesas Introduces New Gate Driver IC for IGBTs and SiC MOSFETs Driving EV Inverters
01/25 Toshiba Electronic Components Bipolar Transistors Contribute to Saving Space on Mounting Boards
01/25 ROHM Semiconductor ROHM’S Isolated DC-DC Converters for xEV Reduce Application Size and efforts for noise design countermeasure
01/24 Molex Molex Elevates Electrical Safety in Harsh Environments with Launch of First Portable, IP69K-Rated Super-Safeway Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)
01/23 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology 30 V Symmetric Dual MOSFETs in PowerPAIR® 3x3FS Package Achieve 98 % Efficiency
01/19 NJR / JRC Optimized for Use in Consumer and Industrial Applications, Output Current of 500 mA, NR1600 Series: LDO Voltage Regulator
01/18 Infineon Technologies New Infineon 160 V MOTIX™ 3-phase gate driver IC integrates power management unit, current sense amplifier, and overcurrent protection
01/18 AKM Semiconductor New ultra-sensitive 3D magnetic sensors are now available, with ultra-low power consumption
01/18 Abracon Abracon’s AEC-Q200 Qualified Automotive Quartz Crystals Now Available
01/18 Luminus Devices Luminus Releases MP-7070 High-Performance LEDs
01/17 Lumileds High Power LED Workhorse LUXEON HL2X Portfolio Expands with 340lm Minimum Performance and Upgrades Across the Range
01/17 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology Launches New Gen 7 Platform of 1200 V FRED Pt® Hyperfast Rectifiers With Two Devices in SMA (DO-214AC) Package
01/17 Texas Instruments (TI) Industry’s first ultrasonic lens cleaning chipset enables self-cleaning cameras and sensors
01/17 Renesas Electronics Renesas’ New Automotive Intelligent Power Device Enables Safe and Flexible Power Distribution in Next-Generation E/E Architectures
01/17 Mean Well Enterprises RSDH-150/300 Series:150W & 300W Ultra-Wide 250~1500Vdc Input Enclosed Type DC-DC Converter
01/16 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics’ dual-channel digital isolators cover flexible configurations
01/13 CTS Multi-Turn Hall Effect Rotary Position Sensor – Product Expansion
01/12 Renesas Electronics Renesas Introduces Low-Power RL78/G15 MCU with the Smallest 8-pin Package Option Available within the RL78 Family
01/12 STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics brings 32-bit kick to cost-sensitive 8-bit applications with STM32C0 series microcontrollers
01/11 Vishay Vishay Intertechnology eFuses Offer Wide 2.8 V to 23 V Operating Voltage Range With Active Reverse Blocking
01/10 AVX NEW | Multilayer Varistors Qualified to OPEN Alliance Standards for Automotive Ethernet Applications
01/09 Mean Well Enterprises PowerNex | PSC/PSD Series: Tubular Anti-bending Type Inductive Proximity Sensor
01/09 STMicroelectronics STPOWER automotive-grade devices from STMicroelectronics run cooler in surface-mount ACEPACK SMIT package
01/06 ams ams OSRAM releases industry leading 0.5Mpixel global shutter CMOS image sensors to save space and power in wearable and mobile devices
01/05 Johanson Technology High Rejection WiFi7, WiFi6E Band Pass Filters
01/05 TE Connectivity Featured Product: Next Generation AMP+ Charging Inlets
01/05 NXP Semiconductors NXP Introduces Advanced Automotive Radar One-Chip Family for Next-Gen ADAS and Autonomous Driving Systems
01/04 Mean Well Enterprises PowerNex | JM/JMD Series: Metal Casing Rectangular Type Inductive Proximity Sensor
01/04 Bourns Inc. Bourns Unveils Bourns‘ Highest Current Carrying PTVS Diode Series in a Compact DFN Package
01/04 NXP Semiconductors NXP‘s New i.MX 95 Family of Applications Processors Delivers Safe, Secure and Scalable AI-enabled Edge Platforms
01/04 Skyworks Solutions Skyworks Facilitates Faster Charging for Electric Vehicles
01/04 Omnivision OMNIVISION‘s New Automotive SoC Delivers Highest-Performance LED Flicker Mitigation and HDR in Surround and Rear-View Cameras
01/03 Omnivision OMNIVISION Introduces New 50MP Image Sensor with Industry-Leading Low Light and Autofocus Performance for High-End Mobile Phones