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Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) was established in 1937 as a key watch manufacturing company for the Seiko Group.  Based on its sophisticated micromechatronics and nanotechnology techniques developed through decades of experience in precision machinery manufacturing and low-power consumption technologies, the company provides micromechatronic products and services including watch and HDD components; semiconductors, FPD and electronic devices; network solutions systems; nanotechnology equipment; scientific instruments; and large-format inkjet printers.

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Quartz Crystal
SMD Type
for Low CL
Cylinder Type 

SPRON was developed jointly with the Metal Materials Laboratory of Tohoku University as a spring material for mechanical wristwatches. It is used in high-class mechanical watches by Seiko and other makers and has earned a high level of trust. In addition, with its outstanding characteristics, including superior elasticity, great strength and high heat and corrosion resistances, SPRON has become popular in a wide variety of fields, from electronics to medicine. More...


Micro-Energy Division Cobalt Rare Earth Magnets have been widely applied and appreciated to the state-of-the-art electronic machinery and equipment, such as rotary devices, acoustic instruments and equipment, and communications systems. Its applications are expanding increasingly. More...

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