TT Electronics launches LRF4W High Power SMT Shunt Resistor

2024-05-15 | Return
New SMT shunt resistors offer fault tolerant current sensing in the tens of amps range for automotive and industrial applications.

Woking, UK, 15 May 2024 - TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications, has announced the release of the LRF4W SMT shunt resistors. The LRF4W is an AEC-Q200 qualified high power, low value SMT shunt resistor and is ideally suited to current sensing circuits in battery management, motor control and power conversion products.

Using low resistivity thick-film materials and an inverse format 1225 footprint, this part offers values down to 3mΩ and is a higher-rated complement to the existing LRF3W.

Building on TT’s expertise in current sense resistors, this product offers class-leading power density for an alumina-based product, with values from 3 to 100mΩ at 1% tolerance with TCRs down to 100ppm/°C.

“The thick-film SMT shunt LRF4W is the latest addition to TT’s growing portfolio of current sense resistors with AEC-Q200 approval.” Said Stephen Oxley, Business Development Engineer at TT Electronics. “It helps our customers to achieve accurate and surge-proof current measurement in PCB assemblies, supporting the development of products which feature reliable control of energy consumption.”

Capable of withstanding a 100% over-current condition for 5s and with good fast surge performance, this product enables a high degree of fault tolerance to be built in at component level. The high degree of surge tolerance and the high-power density of the LRF4W enhances the reliability and the saves PCB area for high load designs.

For more information on the LRF4W can be found here.